Friday, April 06, 2007


Here in Texas it is a bit of a tradition to take photos of your family every year in the bluebonnets. I have been trying to get Kiddo to let me take his pic, but being the son of a photographer, he is not to obliging sometimes. Today was no exception. I got these a little while ago, but plan on trying again this afternoon. I thought I would share a couple - cuz he's just so darn cute!!

This is the look I got the entire time. He would not look at me - even for the promise of m&ms!
Then my little cowboy made a break for the road - See this flower, I am done with it! I am so outta here!

Maybe I'll have better luck later. Wouldn't you know it though, he just skinned up his nose - ugh! More editing for me I guess!


D :)

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