Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life's A Great Big Mystery Show

As with most 2 year olds, Kiddo has a problem with using napkins and tissues. I have been working with him lately - especially on tissues. We are an allergy family so boogers are part of daily life. He knows that when he needs a tissue he should ask me. Unfortunately, I am still the victim of the sly nose rub on the shoulder and the mouth rub on the arm; and Kiddo still wipes his hands on his shirt. *sigh* I am hoping some of my constant nagging is sinking in.

So, we are in the kitchen yesterday. Kiddo comes up behind me and gives me a sweet hug. He pulls away, and as I walk away I hear...

Kiddo: ahhhhh, Moooooommmyyyy, tissue!

Me: You need a tissue Baby?

Kiddo: tissue Mommy, yucky!!!!

Me: (I grab a tissue)Honey, I don't see any boogies - did you sneeze?

Kiddo: No Mommy, tissue on pants! (and, umm...he's pointing at my bottom)

Me: (twisting around in a dog-chasing-it's-tail sort of way)Tissue on pants? What are you taking about?

Kiddo: Yucky Mommy! Tissue on pants! Boogie!!!

- and here is where I run my hand along my back side, only to pull up the biggest, stickiest, nastiest booger I have ever had the misfortune of holding in my hand.


You're welcome!
D :)

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Back later with a fun story to share!

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