Monday, April 30, 2007

Pie Jesu

Well, happy Monday everyone! You'll be pleased to know all is well in laptop land. We had to completely wipe the hard drive and I am now starting from scratch, but thankfully it only cost us time and $15 for a little gizmo to plug my hard drive into so I could transfer it's contents.

So yesterday we had a nice day. We went to church - and I have to say the more we go to this particular church, the more I like it. The preacher is doing a series called "I Run" that deals with the journey one takes when "running" with Christ. It is very interesting, and most definitely something I need to hear. He has a wonderful way of teaching that I find refreshing and easy to embrace.

I was sitting in the sanctuary with Hubby and for no real reason the thought popped in my head "I love this church". It caught me off guard - I had never really thought of this church in a love it/hate it sense; honestly I have just been impressed by our faithfulness at going, and nothing in particular prompted the thought. It did however, prompt Hubby and I to discuss officially joining though, so I guess it served it's purpose.

One of the greatest things about going to the church, for me, is what Kiddo gets out of it. I simply cannot think of anything in the world more endearing than seeing my sweet little boy talk about Jesus. And when we go to church, that is his topic of discussion for the rest of the day! Now Kiddo doesn't say a whole lot that is recognizable just yet, but man does he talk up a storm! Every other word out of his mouth yesterday was "Jesus".

He and I were playing out on the deck in the back and Kiddo was telling me something about "pushing the rock away". He kept saying it over and over, kind of in sing-song fashion, and after would push out his arms and go "shhhhhhhh". The only thing I could figure was that he was telling me about the stone rolling away from the tomb. He would say it and pause and look at me like he wanted me to help him with the story. Not knowing for sure what he was talking about, and also not knowing exactly what they did in Sunday school with him, I replied "and was Jesus there?" He looked at me with these wide eyes, a twinkle and a grin and just as clear as day said...

"Jesus is ALIVE!!!"

Oh wow! I was blown away.

Kiddo has also recently discovered stories. Mommy, tell me story about ____. Mommy tell me story about cars. Mommy tell me story about Lightning McQueen. All day with this. And I never have to really tell an elaborate story. As long as it has "once upon a time, there was ____ " and "and they all lived happily ever after, The End" it doesn't really matter what's in between. He's happy with a one liner most of the time; thank goodness, 'cuz I suck at telling stories!

But -

While we were out on the deck talking about Jesus, Kiddo asked me "Mommy, tell me story about Jesus".

whoa. um. oh my.

What do I say?

I mean, I know he doesn't care what the story is, but that's one story you don't just pull out of the air. I don't want to confuse him, because I know that sometimes little things he hears that can be so insignificant at the time stick in that little sticky, photographic memory of his and eventually work themselves to the surface to come out and bite me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I choked. The pressure was too much. I tried to rope in Hubby and he was no help at all. "I haven't thought about all that in 15 years. I would have to collect my thoughts." oy vey!

So I tried to find a readily available resource. My mom gave me a set of Bible Story books that were mine when I was a child; I thought surely they would have something simple I could refer to. Have you ever seen these things? My gracious I think I have the original 50's publication! They are not so great a resource for a two year old. Even I had a hard time following them. But we sat together anyway, Kiddo and I, and looked at the pictures.
By the way, as a child I thought this image of Eve (I believe by artist Harry Anderson) was the most beautiful I'd ever seen. I read a few things and it seemed to satisfy his curiosity for the moment until he discovered a dinosaur book in his cubby and then the moment had passed. I suppose it is time for me to find something for him that tells the story in a way he can understand. Anyone have suggestions for a good book or resource for something like that?

It's a good problem to have, I know.


D :)


Amanda said...

How awesome! Train up a child...

My daughter is 15 months old and she loves this this book. It looks like there are lots of different ones in the series, too. Also, I've heard this this one is looks a little old, but it might be good to check out. I'd just hit up a Christian bookstore and look around for some good books!

Cindy said...

We love The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, by Kenneth N. Taylor. I don't know how to post links on a comment, but you can search for it on Amazon. It has short (1 page) stories, all the common ones like Noah's Ark, Creation, etc, etc. and bright colorful pictures. It also has a couple of questions you can ask after the story has been read, sort of like toddler discussion questions, LOL and a short prayer. My kids LOVE to hear Bible stories, and they get to where they KNOW these stories inside out because they hear them so much.

Yeah, get a good child's Bible story book and be armed for those unexpected moments.

You think that is unnerving, wait til he wants to know how babies get in the mommy's tummy!!!

C. L. Fry said...

Clarification: hen I say I haven't 'thought of it in 15 years', I mean in a "Bible story" sense; as would be presented to a child... I don't think he could wrap his mind around how I hear it and think of it now... how do I turn something like this into a children's story? Where exactly do you start? How much do you include, etc.?

rene said...

My mother bought a set of those Bible story books (a complete set of 10) nearly 35 years ago for me and my brothers. I love the story at Christmas time about the boys laying on the roof (I think that's volume 7)!

When telling stories to your little one, remind him the there is a different between "Once upon a time" stories -- they are make believe -- and stories in the Bible , which are about real people -- "like you an me" -- who lived a long time ago. As long as your story has a beginning, a middle, and an end -- you'll do fine. It doesn't have all the details, as long as you include God. If your tyke wants to hear more, he'll ask questions.

If he likes the pictures in the Bible story books, look through them together. Simply talk about the pictures and what is happening.
As he learns the characters, you can add more details.

Remember what Paul said? He said he knew God would give him the right words to speak when he had to go to court and defend himself. And, God did! If God would do that for Paul, He will do that for you too.

Enjoy this time with your son -- They grow up too fast!

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