Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'll Be Seeing You Again

Hello my bloggy friends! It has been a busy weekend, and I am just now getting some quiet computer time to put down my thoughts. My parents left this morning (rather early I must say) and we had so much fun with them. Kiddo absolutely adored his Nana and Big Daddy (thank goodness) and he has been asking for them all day since they left.

Kiddo really took to my parents this time. It was such a relief because in the past he has been so slow to warm to them. Usually by the time they leave he is just starting to get affectionate and it makes for an awfully stressful visit. But this time, he was all a flutter when they came in the door, and instantly adhered to them in the quest to play with every toy he owns. My poor dad had a hard time getting down and back up again off the floor to play "trains" and "cars" and "robot". It was amusing though to see him interacting with Kiddo. It very much brought back memories of my own childhood. The first full day we attempted some shopping (in the pouring rain mind you) and I really thought Kiddo did well, considering how much we made him walk. The second day of shopping was harder, but only because we lost track of time and he was starving. Oh the fits that we witnessed; oh the agony of the Kiddo and those around him! It was not so much fun.

While we were out I was able to finally select some plants for a beginning vegetable garden. I now have 3 varieties of tomato, 2 colors of bell pepper and a butternut squash plant stretching out their achy roots into warm, moist, stinky dirt in large pots in my back yard. I'll keep you posted on my gardening adventures for sure. Kiddo certainly enjoys watering the leafy greens daily.

One of the great things about my parents visiting us is the food. I know, it's a strange thing to say, but the 'rents totally love eating out. I am more than happy to cook for them, but they usually insist we eat out at almost every given opportunity while they visit. Thankfully this time though, my mom didn't bother trying to wake us up at the crack-of-you-know-who to get us to go to breakfast (we REALLY appreciate that Mom, thank you!). Instead, one of the mornings they were here they brought us doughnuts!! Remember the blueberry cake doughnut fiasco of a day? Yeah, well I finally got to indulge in those delights along with some kolaches. (Hubby also indulged me on my birthday) YUM, YUM! While the parents were here we also got to check out a local Mexican food place and do a birthday crab legs celebration at Red Lobster. woo hoo! It takes so little to get me excited I swear.

So, in the next few days I will be detoxing from rich restaurant food with lots of salad greens and water. I already have a chicken thawing for the crock pot. We start round three of our family visit marathon on Thursday when Aunt A and Uncle W join G&H here in town. Poor little Kiddo, he isn't going to know what to do when the fam stops coming to see him for a while. Even today and yesterday he was expecting G&H to walk in at any moment. I guess he's getting used to seeing them pretty often.

I planted some bulbs in the front flower beds today. Our grass is coming in really well now. Maybe sometime in the near future it will actually look like someone cares for our poor little house.

So, I just needed to update you all. I know you've been anxiously waiting! ;) I apologize if this is a bit choppy - Kiddo is intermittently tantruming. Ahh to be 2 years old....

D :)

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