Monday, April 16, 2007

Maybe It Was Memphis

Something is in the air. Maybe it's my new red hairs. Maybe it's the changing seasons. Maybe it's that my last nerve is finally fried and has whithered up and fallen away. Maybe I am just sensing that things are about to change. I don't know what it is.

Kiddo's annoying habits are at an all time peak. I hear the words "Stop It" yelled at me far more than I would like in any given day, and it seems as if he has lost the ability to request anything without yelling or whining or screaming his "request" in a very demanding way. Lately I have been getting to the point where I don't even hear his nice requests (though few and far between) because I am so bent on tuning out the negative stuff. I am this close to yelling at just about any moment. I hate being this way.

I asked Hubby last night if I am neglectful to Kiddo. The answer I got was closely related to "far from it". Kiddo still has a hard time with me leaving him. I still have to sneak out of the house if I am going somewhere by myself. I know, I really shouldn't do that, but the couple of times we tried announcing my departure, all heck broke loose and poor Hubby had to endure the endless screaming fit that resulted. Yesterday, as we pulled into the parking space at our church, Kiddo welled up and started crying because he knew where we were and that we were going to leave him in the nursery. He loves the nursery. He has a ton of fun there. Yet, it still took us talking to him for 10 minutes, peeling him off of me as he kicked and screamed, practically tossing him in the room and running away as fast as we could before he calmed down. It shouldn't be that way.

But in all that, I still think there is a difference in him being attached to me and my inability to play with him as much as he wants. Playing with him is so difficult right now. He wants me there, sitting on the floor with his trains or cars or whatever, but I am not allowed to touch them. I must watch and get excited when they crash and repeat every thing Kiddo says, but I cannot actually be involved in the action. It. Is. Boring. I'm sorry; for a minute or two it is cute to watch him, but then the list of things I could be doing starts running through my head and I find myself getting ancy. There are things I need to do, and if he's not going to let me play, then what is the point. But oh the consequences of leaving him to play by himself - yikes! The screams of "Mooommmmmmmyyyyyy, come here, come here!" Sometimes I can't take it. I know I should have more activities for him, but honestly - I can spend a good amount of time setting up something like paints or a craft or whatnot and he will get all excited and then spend 2 minutes on it before running off to do something else. The time spent is never worth the effort and I'm not really sure he gets much out of it.

Thankfully summer is almost here and in a couple of weeks the water park will be open. That is where you will find us most days. Too bad I can't take my laptop there. But, it may be a good opportunity for me to get some much needed reading in. I have got to figure out a way to exercise my brain cells again. Ahh, I am starting to feel better now just thinking of the library trips to come! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Anyway, here is some Monday morning YouTube abuse to start your week,
A little Deana Carter, Strawberry Wine

And Ms. Pam Tillis, Maybe it Was Memphis (PLEASE don't watch the stupid SIMS video - it was the only recording of the song I could find).

D :)

1 comment:

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, I remember those days. Kiddo sounds alot like my G.T. It is hard to remember that "this too shall pass" when they are foaming at the mouth in an all out fit. Hang in there!

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