Monday, April 09, 2007

In Pictures

(opening with an Artsy-Fartsy shot) :)

Well, how was your weekend? We had a wonderful time! It was COLD with a capital "C", and on Saturday we got lots and lots of sleet and some hail and a teeny, tiny bit of what looked like snow! Can - you - believe - it?!? We had some accumulation on the back porch and in the yard - I'll try to post some pics later. I can't believe it is actually April - this weather is totally throwing me off.

Anyway, to continue with my last post, I took Kiddo back out for more pictures Friday afternoon. This round was much better - mainly because there were other kids about for him to look at and laugh with. I actually got some smiles! Yay!

Here is "The Thinker". I just love the furrowed brow (or maybe he was squinting? ;) ).

Again, still not the best look, but at least he was looking up!

There's my sweet baby's smile! I think he was laughing at some other kids and I caught him. Hey, I'll take what I can get!

After that shoot, I had Hubby meet us out in another location close to the inlaw's property for some shots of Kiddo and I together. It was, um, well, interesting - as it took longer for Hubby to figure out my camera that it would have if I had just set up a tripod and shot it myself. But, I'm glad we got what we did anyway.

Here is my favorite, though Kiddo looks a bit worried or something. Hubby did a great job of framing the shot though. I love the bluebonnets in the foreground - the man is a genius when it comes to composition.

I will write more about our weekend later. I just needed to complete the bluebonnet experience for anyone interested. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

D :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Wow - the blue bonnets are gorgeous and you are right - your hubby did a great job of framing the two of you in the photograph.

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