Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pretty Crash

My poor Boogie Man. This has not been his week. He has hit his head, HARD at least 4 times in the past 5 days, and he's getting over a double ear infection.

The ear infections came at the beginning of last week, but the head trauma started last Thursday. I was watching the NKs for a couple of hours while my neighbor took in a much needed shopping trip to get an outfit for a weekend wedding. So all 3 of the little kiddos were in and out of my house, playing with toys and climbing on the play scape in the back yard. My neighbor's son is almost 4 and is going through a "love" stage. He loves everybody! He tells you he loves you and he gives out bear hugs galore! The boys, NKson and Kiddo were out in the back yard and I was standing in the back doorway talking to NKdaughter in my living room. I heard a thud come from outside and my son started screaming. Apparently, NKson tried to give Kiddo a bear hug ('cuz he loves him and all) and they fell over backwards, Kiddo getting the squish end of the deal. They had been standing at the foot of the deck, and Kiddo fell backwards on to a couple of round stepping stones that lead to the play scape. Poor guy got a big knot on his head and a burn/bruise on his back. After a couple of minutes he was fine though and for the rest of the day told people that NKson "squished him"! Later that afternoon, Kiddo was swinging with Hubby and for some reason lept head first out of the swing and face planted in the gravel.

Then on Sunday night Hubby was working on the computer and Kiddo decided to sit in the chair next to him. He stood up in the chair and was leaning over with his hands on the table on top of a couple of papers. Well, as you can guess the papers slipped out from under him and his forehead came crashing down on to the table. After hitting the table, he fell out of the chair and landed head first on the floor. Oh the Goose Egg on his forehead! Oh the Screaming!

Then Monday afternoon he was running around and tripped running into the kitchen from the dining room. He face-planted into the refrigerator, jamming a magnetic letter right into the goose egg he acquired the night before. That hit was much harder to recover from.

So needless to say, between the ear infections and multiple blows to the head, he has had a nightly dose of pain reliever for about a week now. Of course, the side effect of that is nasty poos which have led to an amazingly obnoxious diaper rash. *sigh* My poor boy.

Please say a prayer for him. He needs a few accident free days! Please say a prayer for me that this is not a sign of how his childhood is going to go. I know Hubby was accident prone (actually to hear the inlaws tell it, it was sister-in-law who was the accident prone one), but I seriously am not equipped to deal with my sweet baby getting hurt so often. It breaks my heart.

Moms of boys, unite! Point me to the padded room!
D :)

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