Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. I don't know how it happened. I managed to get some work done, and play a lot with Kiddo, and do laundry, vacuum and clean the kitchen, and it all kind of fell into place. Kiddo wasn't whining and crying for attention, I felt no frustration when trying to get something accomplished - because I was getting things accomplished. I think part of it was that I decided to tend to Kiddo and his needs as soon as he had them, instead of my usual putting him off until I completed whatever task I was working on. It made him much happier - I guess he didn't feel like he was competing for my attention.

We sat in the warm sun and blew bubbles, and we laughed belly laughs at the dog as she chased the bubbles around the yard. I sat in the deck chair and soaked up the much needed warmth the sun provided. I closed my eyes and listened to the laughter and the birds and the rustling leaves. We put together alphabet puzzles and played cars, and I was able to fold some laundry while Kiddo took a much needed shower after the bubble fiesta. I completed client orders and answered emails and even potentially picked up two more photo shoots.

And - the TV never got turned on. (a bloody miracle in this house!)

By the time Hubby got home we were both in a good, pleasant mood; smoothed over from the relaxing, warm day. Normally by the time he gets home I am a frazzled mess and practically toss Kiddo at him kicking and screaming. Hmmm, I guess that's partly why Hubby hides, ur umm, hangs out in the garage so much!

I wish more days were like that; easy going yet productive. So often I feel as if I have fought all day and accomplished nothing; that Kiddo fusses and screams and wears me thin.

Yesterday was a good day.

Here's to many more of those.
D :)


Amy *2Pinks* said...

I finally had to create a Google account to post a comment. I wish I could have more days like yours! Especially without the TV being turned on once - what an incredible accomplishment! Here's to today being the same!

Dawn said...

Yay Amy! Glad you got an account! I just love comments! :)

Yes, yesterday was a rare treat. Today we are doing all right; the tv isn't on yet, but there was some fussing earlier. Ah well, it's all good!

barbara_j_gray said...

I did it!! Finally got one so I could tell you how funny you are!! I read your blog today and thought...hmm I need to try that.

Also loved the previous one!

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara! So glad you got an account too!

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