Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breaking Up

Ok, so the day didn't start out so great. I woke up and as usual, instantly thought about coffee. ;)

I knew I had to make a fresh pot this morning (I usually make enough for a couple of days and refrigerate it since I only drink one cup a day) so I got up and started putting everything together. Thoughts of steaming hot, fresh coffee filled my mind and a gentle smile crept over my face. It was going to be oh so good....

I usually buy bags of whole beans and grind them myself, and because the grinder is a bit of a pain to clean I will sometimes grind enough for a few pots and store the grounds in a small container the freezer. I knew my little container was almost empty, so I pulled out the grinder as well and assembled it so I could grind more beans for today's pot.

Everything was in place and I went to the pantry for the new bag of beans.

It wasn't there.

It wasn't in the freezer either. I know I bought a bag recently. I am NEVER without coffee!

I am without coffee. :(

I was able to make a small pot out of what I had left. Enough for today, but probably not a full cup tomorrow. I may have to make a grocery run tonight just for coffee.

I hate going to the grocery store on the weekend.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but if I don't have a smooth coffee experience first thing in the morning, it taints the whole day.

So Kiddo wakes up and seems to be in a good mood, but after about an hour things start to go downhill. He told us all morning he was tired. Very strange for him, because he knows what that statement means, and he had slept through the night, so I was a bit concerned. Just before church he decided he didn't want to go. There was lots of tears and arguing and him screaming...but we eventually got him in the car and he seemed to be ok on the way there. Got him in the church; he happily went into his Sunday school room and that was that.

[oh by the way I opted to take my chances and didn't bring a towel to sit on. in case you were wondering]

When we picked him up after the service though, the teachers were both concerned about him because they said he cried almost the entire time he was there. He told them he was sad. They said he still was obedient, but he would just cry and they couldn't console him.

My poor guy.

He's been like this for days. I know it has to do with the baby and the tension in the house. Hubby doesn't agree. His recollection of when his baby sister was born is one of indifference. Somehow I don't believe he was so relaxed about it. I guess I should ask my mother in law. Not that it matters, because Kiddo is definitely reacting to something emotionally, and the only logical thing is the baby. I do realize that the 3 year old mind can be confusing too, but I think this is more than typical "3".

Regardless, I just don't know how to deal with it. We both came to tears on several occasions today.

But that could have just been because I am out of coffee. ;)

D :)


TitanKT said...

Oh, man.

It sure does sound like Kiddo is having pre-sibling jitters. Or a three-year-old's equivalent of cold feet. I think that's legitimate, even if your Hubby remembers his pre-sibling mental state differently, everyone handles things differently.

I wish I had something wonderful and useful to say. I sure don't. All I can do is keep you guys in my thoughts. I am sure that things will eventually get better, but I sure know from personal experience that doesn't make dealing with NOW any easier.

Just keep in mind that you're a great mom and you'll be able to help him through it, even if it seems really hard some days.

And, by all means, get some coffee. I wish something as simple as that could ensure a smooth day for me! I don't want that to sound too much like a complaint, though. It's not like I have rough days everyday. Not even. I just meant, if there was some easy thing I could do to make sure the day would go smoothly, that would be so great! I'd never fail to do it! *grin*

Julia said...

I'll bet S is reacting to baby brother's impending arrival. We went through the same thing with Chloe shortly before and after delivery.

Vick said...


I hope today was better day for the two of you!

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