Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When It Don't Come Easy

Baby Update:

Ok, so after lots of pelvic pain on Sunday, swelling in the evenings, one big honker momma contraction at 4:07 am Tuesday morning, lots of loosey goosey joint stuff and walking around for two days feeling like I am completely "open" in the nether regions, I had my weekly check today and...

no change.


Oh well, I can still hope for an early delivery, right?

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound with a growth scan to see just how big this bugger is, so that is something to look forward to. Then I can start worrying about how I'm going to push this watermelon out of me. good times!

Can you tell I am frustrated?

So I am thinking the way to get this baby out is to be completely prepared for his arrival. I am going to task myself to get my bag packed, get the car seats in the cars, get stuff washed and put away and all set up and ready to go. Then he'll come, right??



But, don't worry about me just yet. Let's concentrate our efforts on my friend Julia - she is due any day now and has been frustrated with bouts of contractions, dilation and bulging waters but no baby just yet. Send her some labor vibes first if you have any. She needs them bad!

D :)


TitanKT said...

Don't worry! I know you're uncomfortable and ready to have the baby, but he'll come in his own sweet time. Eat lots of spicy food and... ah... I hear if you have lots of sex that can start labor. *wink*

I hope your friend goes into labor soon, sounds like she's way more uncomfortable than you are... it's a shame it's so difficult to enjoy late pregnancy. Everything goes so fast in hindsight, you want to encourage friends and loved ones to cherish every moment... but when you're huge and crampy and bulging and swollen and achy and can't sleep it's a little difficult to "enjoy" anything! Hahaha...

Julia said...

Thanks for the shout out on sending me labor vibes. It'll take a village to coax this kid out. :-) I'm thinking of you too, and hoping that you don't have a 10 lber to push out.

Come on moon! Work your lunatic magic!

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