Monday, March 24, 2008


It's a lazy Monday morning here. I woke up last night sort of crampy again, but nothing too major. Since getting up for the day, all is "normal" in the world of pregnancy. I don't know whether to be happy or frustrated with it.

Hubby and I were discussing things yesterday and I realized that while I want this baby to come NOW, I am kind of hoping he cooks a bit longer. Why? Well, because (and I know how ridiculous this is) I kind of want the bragging rights to having an almost 10 pound baby.

I know, it's sick isn't it?

I have a strange feeling he's going to come out something completely off the wall, like 7 pounds or something and then we will all feel stupid.

ha ha!

Anyway, I got some absolutely terrific, totally stupendous, mind bogglingly amazing news this morning!!! (is bogglingly even a word??!?)

Port is automatically covered under Hubby's medical insurance at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO US!!!!

Automatically covered.

Under good insurance.


Can I get an AMEN??!?

Apparently because we pay ungodly premiums every month for Kiddo already, BCBS is gracious enough to cover an additional child without any additional premium.


Can you hear me sighing with relief? Oh yeah.

Somebody has been praying for us. Stand up and show yourself! Come here and let me give you a big ole hug!

Ok, now that my praise and dancing about the room is over, let's get down to serious business.

How the heck does one name a child?

[Fly ball to left field...]

Seriously? Why is it soooooo dang hard for us??!? I know some people who have been holding on to names since high school/college, and sure enough, 10, 15 years later their little ones come into the world and they have a beautiful name, ready and waiting for them. Others may make a list and a name just pops out at them and the parents both miraculously agree and harmony is once again in the world.

Not so much in our house.

We are having a rough time. See, in my high school/college years I never really thought I would ever have children. And, in the way, way off chance that I did, I was going to name them these wonderfully earthy names like River, Symphony, Ocean and Lyric. And it wouldn't matter if they were boys or girls (but most would be girls) because their names were universal and non-gender specific and we would all sing and dance and play instruments.... was I a hippie in college??

Anyway, as with most of us, life happened and turned out vastly different from what I imagined and here I am many years later, trying to name my second boy, and mercy we just can't decide on a name.

There is just too much to consider; friend's kids names, relative's names, popular names, unpopular names, possible nicknames, initials and what they might spell (A.R.F anyone?), honoring the family patriarchs without using a name we both can't stand, sounding good with Kiddo's name, flowing with the last name, etc. etc.

Never mind the fact that I am still trying to name a girl I think. I keep leaning toward more feminine names. And Hubby will have none of that.

So we have narrowed it down to a handful, with 2 in the lead. And honestly, neither of them really "wow" us. There is one that I like more than the other. The nickname is cute for a small child and as an adult he can use his proper name and still sound professional. However, his initials will be tease worthy, and a mispronunciation of his nickname by a small child could come out as a swear word. yikes! I had the same problem with Kiddo - not a swear word, but a negative one that rubbed me the wrong way and I vowed that I would never again name a child something that could be mispronounced like that. But I do like the name. It also has biblical significance, positive biblical significance and that is a cool thing for us (though not by any means necessary). Our second choice is a strong name, cute for a kid and cool for an adult, but has no real meaning and no biblical standing. Neither are too popular, a requirement in our book, and no one we know has either name - except for Hubby's co-worker's son. Then there are a couple of runners up; all nice names but again nothing in the wow category.

I don't know what to do. Do we draw from a hat? Wait till he's born and see if he looks like a particular name? Ask friends and family? [NOOOOO!!!]

I wish it were easier. If Hubby and I were brave enough to do it, this kid would be named something like Slate or Stone. But that doesn't really go with Kiddo's name and we kind of already set the precedent with that.

I guess I'll just add it to the to-do list and pray something comes to me.

Any suggestions to making it easier? Let me know.

D :)

Name by The Goo Goo Dolls


Vick said...

Congrats on the great insurance news!

Re: names, for both girls, we waited until they were out and we could see what they looked like and what their personality was like before we named them. I'm still not 100% sold on O's name, but I so like it.

Vick said...

"do like it" not "so like it" :)

Jill said...

Our eldest child was one name in the womb and another when she came out. My first name pick was just too popular for my taste. I was wanting to call the lady back in to switch it in 5 minutes though, but I didn't. I love her name, but as you know I am now stuck with the J theme! :-) That will limit how many kids I have for sure!

Heather said...

Well, we can't decide on a name for this baby either. We have a short list, but none of them seem right! You're not alone :)

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