Saturday, March 29, 2008

Run Tonto Run

Another quickie...

Nothing to report really. Little Port minded all of the people who told him to wait till after today. I am having lots of weird pains and really loosey goosey joint issues though. And TMI ALERT - I vacuumed the house today and afterward lost some of my mucus plug. So, I think that could be a sign of things doing what they need to do.

Now the real question is, do I bring a towel to sit on at church tomorrow??!? LOL!! What if my water breaks?? I should at least try to spare the nice cushy seats in the sanctuary, right?

Lordy this pregnancy thing really takes away all modesty - from the beginning to the end. ;)

More tomorrow.

D :)

1 comment:

TitanKT said...

Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, I thought to wonder... when will Dawn have her baby? Oh no! I wonder if she already has and I just failed to check her website! I'm glad I didn't miss anything. But then it also occurred to me that there'd be no way to know other than finally cottoning to your lack of posts.

So I'm glad you're posting daily, because now I know if I come here and don't see a post from you, that must mean you're having the baby.

I'm sorry to hear things are so tense and worrisome. It's all completely understandable but I so wish you were just living your days in a dreamy haze of excited anticipation and joyful communion with Kiddo and Hubby. That's not very realistic, though, is it?

The time will go fast, I'm sure, and everything will be different once you have little Port. In some ways more difficult, but mostly wonderful.

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