Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello Darlin'

Hey there!
Nothing to report on the baby front.

Kiddo had a much better day today. I took him to a local pizza and games place and met up with one of his bestest friends (and mine) to enjoy some time out. The boys had, as Kiddo has told me all afternoon, "lots and lots of fun", and so did I. :) Thank you, M, for getting us out of the house!

We took the long way home and went to the "big" HEB to pick up a few things. I only needed coffee and bananas basically, but I decided to take advantage of the vast square footage of the mega grocery store and walked the whole thing, pushing Kiddo in a gigantic, limousine of a shopping cart. I imagine we looked ridiculous. I probably could have put a whole month's worth of groceries in that cart, but all we had were 3 or 4 small items.

Anyway, there is more to tell about Kiddo, but I am getting started on this late and don't have the time or brain power to type it all out.

But I didn't want anyone to think I was in labor either so I thought it best I post something.

Good night!
D :)

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