Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cranky Ole Cantankerous Cow

Happy Saturday Morning to you!

I have been up for a while now, drinking my coffee and chugging water. I was woken up at 4 am again with a mass of pain in my back and thought once again it was a contraction. After going to the bathroom and drinking a bunch of water it subsided so I managed to get back to sleep. However, when I woke up a few hours later the pain had returned and now I am thinking that perhaps it was not a contraction, but rather some sort of kidney thing happening. The pain keeps coming in waves - though keeping my bladder empty and water flowing in do seem to help.

Is that back labor? Would it be all on one side like that?

Anyway, Hubby and Kiddo are still sleeping and I have read through all the blogs and bulletin boards and now I am bored.

And frankly, I am crabby.

I have been much more cranky the past week or so. Maybe it is the pull of the full moon, maybe it is just that the end of this pregnancy is near and my emotions are all riled up, who knows. But I have been quicker to anger, quicker to sadden and quicker to key some one's car when they park crooked in the parking lot.

Ok, not the last one, but I do think about it more. ;)

I can't remember if I was like this with Kiddo. I think I was just all over more of a witch that time.

This pregnancy though, I have been talking to God a lot more, and we kind of have this thing. I ask Him to take away my anger and frustration and worry and you know what? He does! And it is a glorious thing!

Who knew you could just ask?


Well, I didn't realize it would be that easy.

Anyway, lately I guess I haven't been asking enough or the hormones are just too strong or something, but all I want to do is be cranky and complain about things.

Isn't that sad?

It just seems like there is so much to do, and yet, I can't seem to get anything done. I want to do stuff, but then my mind wanders or I get caught up in something else or I just stare off into space...and nothing gets done. Then when I do actually do something, I manage to hit a road block.

Like with the dang pediatrician. Ugh, that frustrates me. I don't want to have to find someone new. I really don't. And it would be ridiculous to have each kid at a different doctor, so Kiddo has to make the switch too.

Of course, I suppose it could be a good thing considering Kiddo never really took to this pediatrician. But the thing that kept me there was the way he handled all the garbage that went down at Kiddo's birth, and he was the first to actually diagnose the Neonatal Lupus (after my friend Kelley).

And, he let me put up pictures and business cards in his office.

So, I guess I have some work to do. sigh

Kiddo just got up, and in his usual fashion he ran to me, looking through half closed eyes and said in his cute little voice, "Good morning Mommy!!". He climbed up in my lap and snuggled into my chest as he always does, and I got to smell his sweet scent.

He makes the mornings so much better.

Then, Mr. Stinky Morning Breath requested jelly-beans.

eh, why not? ;)

D :)

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