Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Time Baby

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fun stuff...

So, last week at my doctor's appointment they did the usual weight check and blood pressure, etc. I noticed the number on the scale, but didn't know what the difference was from the week before so I didn't think anything of it.

Yesterday the doctor mentioned that I had a 7 pound weight gain last week, and they were somewhat concerned (though he never mentioned it) but now it wasn't an issue because this week I weighed 7 pounds less!

woo hoo?

So I guess I should keep my main diet the same; brownies and jelly beans? I lose weight that way! Yahoo! lol!


Also, Miss Vick tagged me for a "7 weird things" meme. As soon as I can narrow it down, er, um, come up with 7 things I will post them for you!


And finally, when we were out a couple of weeks ago tip-toeing through the tractors (say that 5 times fast!), Hubby took some maternity pics of me. Here is one of the images I really like.

That was at 36 weeks (almost 3 weeks ago). I think I looked pretty good!

That is all. More tomorrow.


D :)


my2babygirls0405 said...

dawn, I love that pic of you! You have such a natural beauty about you :) *hugs*


Julia said...

You look awesome in that picture. I was on the hamburger and milkshake diet during pregnancy because it actually made me "lose" weight, according to the OB's scale. :D Knock yourself out with brownies and jelly beans!

Jill said...

Beautiful picture! I also wanted to wish you lots of peace and happiness on your big day since it could happen any time!!! Sending a prayer your way too!

Vick said...

*Love* the picture!!

Believe me, it was hard picking just 7 things that were weird about me ... I tried not to be too scary :)

Mollie said...

You look so wonderful girlie :)
I just am so anxious over here!!!

jhjohnstone said...

What a great picture Dawn! You look fantastic!


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