Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Far is Heaven

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful morning this morning! Kiddo was excited to hunt Easter eggs, and though he foiled our plans to get up before him and hide them, Daddy managed to sneak out of the bed (while Kiddo was curled up next to me) and do the bunny's dirty work. He was really excited this morning.

Church, of course, was awesome! The music was absolutely outstanding. Man, my emotions were all over the place though. Can you say hormonal surge??!? I couldn't quit crying. Of course, it would also be the one time I didn't have any tissues either. So I had to sit there and continually wipe my left eye as if to keep it from falling out of my face.

Anyway, the band and the singers were ON today. I was blown away. How I wish I could have been a part of it.

The sermon was surprisingly not about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again, but rather about Heaven and what it is like. The whole thing was quite interesting, and Pastor Tim's explanation, I think, kept us all intrigued.

I guess I never really thought much about the details of it all - just that things would be immeasurably better than I could ever imagine. And that is something I can take comfort in.

It got me thinking about being here on earth though, and the lives we all lead. And I realized that we all have our own "Heaven" here on Earth. You know, the things we delight in, the moments and people we treasure. I have so much to be thankful for. My crankiness of the past week or so needed to be put in perspective. Even though lately I feel out of control and unappreciated and cumbersome and useless, I know that all these issues swirling around me will eventually be resolved in one way or another, and that eventually I will once again feel like a useful member of my family and maybe even society. And in the meantime I need to focus on the good things; the blessings that give me strength and energy and momentum to move forward in this life.

I mentioned in a previous post some pictures of the men in my life. I have some of them edited and wanted to share them with all of you. Here is my Heaven on Earth...

"Mommy, I crankin'"

[of course, he'll rarely look at me when I am trying to get his picture. Photographer's Kid Syndrome]
[Daddy showing him the inner workings of rusty tractor engine]

[Kiddo explaining to Daddy the way things really work! Lol!]

My boys!
I can't decide which one is cuter!

I know a bunch of these are similar, but I just love them all.

I'm having this one blown up big and put on the wall somewhere. I just love it.

Thanks for sharing a little piece of Heaven with me. I wish you all a wonderful Easter.

D :)

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Vick said...

Great pictures!

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