Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Pies

First things first, I have got to show this to you. I actually received it in an email from my mom several days ago and I was amazed. Then my sweet friend Katy sent it too me again, and I then knew it was too good not to share. Sorry, the embedding was disabled, so you'll have to go to a link. Enjoy!

Cactus Cuties


Now on to business...

Oh my bloggy friends, I have been letting you all down so much lately. My posts are becoming fewer and further between. I am sorry. This is truly not my intention.

Honestly, I have so many ideas for posts that I think I am getting hung up. I can't seem to prioritize them enough to just pick one and go with it. I know I could write every day if I would sit down and make myself do it. I know it might get boring here and there, but at least there would be something new every day.

But just when I get in a rhythm, Blogger starts acting up. For about a month the spell check feature was broken. I guess the blogger team was out of glue, cuz it seemed like forever before they got it working again. Then there is another issue of people not being able to comment for some reason and that ticked me off. You know how I love, love and live for comments!

Lately, the auto save feature has been acting up, and it now does this annoying new thing where it splatters this big red and yellow warning failure message across the top of the screen as you are trying to compose your post. So distracting! It draws my eye up and sometimes I just have to shut down and try later because I can't stand to see that thing up there.

Anyway, I know these are all flimsy excuses, but I just wanted to be honest and all that. Cuz I love you.

So, I am thinking about what some future posts can be and I am going to write down a list. Feel free to hold me to these if I forget to write about them...
1. Kiddo's 3 1/2 update. (slightly late, but relevant nonetheless)
2. Our church driven, 4 week Lifestyle Fast - results are in! (I know I never brought this up to begin with, but I think it's worth talking about)
3. Business announcements - gotta drive em to my website somehow! ;)
4. Baby updates - duh!
5. Facts about me (germs and artificial sweeteners - I bet you are on the edge of your seat!)
6. Pics of Hubby and Kiddo frolicking amongst the rusty tractors. Intrigued? You should be!
7. Pregnancy Dreams, the good the bad and the down right weird.
8. ugh, I know there were more, but I am having a minor brain shut down

Anyway, there you have it; a small sampling of what may or may not be rattling around in my head. Soon enough I will collect those thoughts and try to get something down on keyboard. I know you can't wait. I can feel your excitement.

Control yourself! ;)

D :)

PS. Since I use song titles for the majority of my posts, I thought it might be nice to share the actual songs with you once in a while. Hubby recently turned me on to a very talented singer/songwriter, Patty Griffin. Here is her tune, Making Pies.


TitanKT said...

Wow, I feel like I made the headlines here or something. Check ME! I'm so famous! Teeheehee...

Oh, also, your sweet friend Katy has had a hard time getting her act together so while I HAVE things for your blessingway I apologize profusely because I can't mail until tomorrow, 3/13. Which is late according to what everyone said... so I'll just send to your house and be there in spirit at your blessingway wishing you blessings and peace and all good things! And what I'm sending will be no less great for having gotten there late, but I'm still sorry about that. Got derailed with illness, lunch entertaining and some freelance work. I know... excuses, excuses!

Anyway... I hope it's great and that you come away from it feeling blessed and supported by all your friends.

Vick said...

I know I am waiting with bated breath for the artificial sweeteners and germs post :)

Hope all is well!

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