Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1000 Miles Away

Occasionally when I get a blog writer's block it is because for some reason I get it in my head that every post has to be about *something*. I realize rationally that is not the case and some of the most interesting blogs I read are the ones where the author just writes about anything and everything. I find amusing the day to day of people's lives and it really would just do me some good to follow in their foot steps and do the same here. If anything it would get me blogging more, which is my ultimate goal anyway.

So, today I am just going to talk. Sorry if you were looking for something more structured.

We had a rough night last night with Port. I somehow knew going in; it was going to be a long one. He had slept just a tad too much yesterday evening and I was afraid he would be up far too early for my taste. Normally we put him to bed around 11 and most nights he doesn't wake me until close to 5. Last night his first waking was at 2 and he was up, up, up. I had a hard time getting him back to sleep. I think he finally crashed out at about 3, but then was up again at 5 and again at 7 and again for the day at 8:45. It was a long night for me - he has spoiled me by only waking once or twice a night and being extremely easy to put back to sleep - even after feeding and a diaper change.

So after waking up with Kiddo bouncing on my head and my boobies about to explode, I pumped and we crawled out of the bedroom sometime after 10AM.

Oh mercy, my boobies.

I probably talk about them too much, but oh well. Click on the next blog if you are sick of it. ;)

Pumping is going better, and worse - if that is possible. I got my wonderful new pump in the mail Friday (Thank you AMY!!!!!) and immediately hooked that puppy up. It is so nice to only spend 15-20 minutes on the pump as opposed to the 30-45 I was spending before. And now that I have 2 pumps, I can leave one in the bedroom and one in the dining room which is soooo convenient! On the down side, there is a bit of a learning curve with coordinating holding both cones at once. When I pump one side at a time, it leaves me with one hand free to do other things - feed a baby, feed myself, surf the Internet, whatever. When pumping both sides at once, everything and everyone else has to wait (which ultimately makes me lose my patience and abruptly end the session). And because I can't really squeeze every last drop out with my free hand assisting the pump, I don't feel like I am getting the most out of each session. Then on Mother's Day I went for a very long time that morning/afternoon without pumping, so my supply took a hit. Why is it that it takes days to build it up, but only missing one session to knock it down?? It is very frustrating. For some reason I can't seem to stay hydrated either - which of course effects my supply (and gives me gnarly foot cramps!).

I have got to look into getting a couple of good nursing bras though. The one I have is way too big in the band and I am so tired of how it fits. I broke down this morning and put on a good, supportive, under wire bra and I feel like a new woman! lol! The girls are just worn out and I am so tired of them resting on my belly! It is just such a strange feeling - I don't know how you bigger breasted gals can stand it. Anyway...

Port's tummy troubles seem to be better. I decided against the Maalox, and am just diligent about putting the Mylicon drops in every bottle. It seems to be helping with the painful parts, but he is spitting up more and more it seems. Now for whatever reason we only have severely fussy periods just before he has a major poopy diaper. Our new favorite word in the house is "Poop-tastic!" Kiddo is especially fond of that one. *wink*

Port is much more alert and awake these days. He loves to be carried around on my shoulder. He will grasp my arm over and over in this rhythmic kind of clawing motion. When he looks around he opens his eyes so wide and raises his eyebrows in such a way that it wrinkles up his little forehead. He kind of looks like a little old man when he does that. I am loving his "talking". I forgot how sweet the little baby "goo" and "ack" sounds were. When Port is looking around over my shoulder he will sometimes let out a little "goo" and I just go to mush inside. He smiles so much more now - at me, the dog, Hubby, Kiddo, the ceiling fans... :)

Kiddo is growing up so fast. I bought him a cute little Lightning McQueen baseball cap the other day. It is never far from his head - the boy is completely in love with this hat! It makes him look so much older though. My goodness before I know it he is going to be a teenager. I am constantly torn between babying him and treating him like a big kid - I don't know how I want him to be. Both I guess - when it is convenient.

I know I still haven't published the birth story for Port yet. It still sits there in my drafts folder, mocking me, and someday I will get around to opening it up and completing it. Of course, by now I am sure I have forgotten some things, but hopefully I got most of it down when I first wrote it. It is on my to do list.

I am soooo into sauteed mushrooms right now. I have no clue why. Just had to throw that out there.

I am so excited because I am about to be working again!! I have booked 4 photo shoots for the next few weeks and I am just beyond thrilled. We seriously need the income - Hubby's company just cut all overtime for hourly employees. For us that translates into about 1/6th of our income. Yup. We are hurting. As usual. *sigh* It didn't really hit me until I calculated it out and now I have no idea what we are going to do. Our Internet service went up $5 a month, I also just got a hospital bill from our pediatrician for about $250. For whatever reason, BCBS applied that much to Port's deductible... it irks me because if I had chosen a different pediatrician that actually takes Medicaid I could have left him on there and everything would have been covered. Makes me want to scream....try to do the right thing and this is what it gets me...

Well, I better wrap this up. I need to switch out the laundry and get dressed before Hubby gets home. Yes, I am still in my pjs. I told you, it was a long night.

D :)

Mental Jukebox Song of the Day:

Songs like this and artists like her make me seriously consider picking up the guitar again and trying to find me some singing gigs. I want to be sitting on a bar stool somewhere playing my guitar and singing, just like that...

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Julia said...

Love it1 "Poop-tastic!"

I think you give your blogs way more thought than me. I consider mine to be like diarrhea of the brain, not quite as sophisticated as James Joyce's stream of consciousness but the same idea.

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