Thursday, May 15, 2008

Do You

Today has been rough. I just can't seem to get my head right. I was supposed to go to the store, and had planned to take the kids to the local sprinkler park to play, but I just couldn't make myself do it. I kept coming up with all these excuses not to go, and no good reasons to go.

Packing up the boys and going somewhere is. just. so. hard. The thought is overwhelming at times. I am just not that coordinated. I always forget the sling, or a bottle. 95% of the time Kiddo has some sort of melt down or problem with what we are doing. I just couldn't take the whining and the arguments today.

So we spent all day in the house doing absolutely nothing (well I did laundry and such) while it was incredibly gorgeous outside. I let yet another beautiful day go by and never even stepped foot out of the house. Soon enough it will be 100 degrees outside and I will have wasted away what little spring weather we get because I can't manage to take two kids out of the house.

Maybe tomorrow will be easier.

D :)


Jamielouwho said...

Aw Dawn, don't beat yourself up, you know what's best for you! A little guilt may have been worth avoiding the stress yesterday. Figuring out TWO kids is double the work, double the stress, but you'll have it down to a science before you know it! (((HUGS)))

Jenni said...

It will get better! I'm the same way-sometimes if I don't make myself commit to something, I'll find a reason not to leave the house for days. It's still hard to get the girls ready and out of the house, and I have three years on you!!
I do have a tip though. This helped me alot when A. was little. Sometime, when you're not busy or rushed, find an index card and make a list of everything you need in your diaper bag for an outing. Include things for Kiddo too-sippy cup, snack, etc. Then keep the index card in your diaper bag. The next time you are trying to get out of the house, you can refer to the card and check things off. I ALWAYS forget more when I'm trying to throw things in last minute.
Hope this helps!

TitanKT said...

I know it will get better, Dawn, because millions of women with two kids manage to get out of the house eventually. It's bound to be difficult at first, that is perfectly natural and understandable.

On the other hand, I can barely manage to get out of the house because it seems like I have mono, again. Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about it. But my doctor has promised to refer me to an immunologist if my test comes back positive again. And I pray that will help me because I cannot live like this forever. I can't stand only being able to get the minimum done everyday. I don't want that life.

Mollie said...


We wondered where you were. All you EVER have to do is call me and I'll come over and help you out. If nothing else, J can keep S occupied while you get things ready. I know it seems like a hassle to get out, and there is the hassle of leaving to get back home but while you are there he can run off some energy, you get some mommy chat time, and the fresh air and sunshine will do a world of good! Seriously, IM me anytime and give me a heads up you'd like to come out and I'm there for you!

Vick said...

I totally get ya on the staying home as the path of least resistance ... I've blown off outings just because I didn't want to deal with Bean once we got there.

Having two kids will be great some day. But until that point, sometimes it just sucks. I'm not saying that the kids themselves suck, it's the parenting side of the equation that blows. I've had mornings where I'm over it by 8:30 (Saturday) and have no idea how I'll make it until bedtime.


jhjohnstone said...

Yep, I remember those tough early days with 2, butit DOES get better. Little by little, it becomes easier. ((HUGS)) I'm sorry it's so overwhelming right now. Just breathe deep and do the best you can.


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