Thursday, May 29, 2008

You're the One That I Want

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall...
Yeah, all you got to do is call.

And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah...
You got a friend.

Can you tell I'm listening to the fabulous James Taylor?? Or perhaps you thought it might be Carole King? Well, technically you are both right. I just got some awesome new cd's (well, new to me I guess, they are not exactly new releases). I so LOVE rewards points on my Amazon credit card! The Best of James Taylor and Carole King Tapestry showed up in my mailbox the other day.

So close your can close your eyes, it's alright.
I don't know no love songs, and I can't sing the blues anymore.
But I can sing this song, and you can sing this song when I'm gone...

Jewel's new cd that comes out on the 3rd will be arriving shortly after that. And none of them cost me a dime.

Sweet, sweet rewards!

Of course, I got the rewards because I spent a bunch of money on other things, but we won't think about that right now. ;)

And speaking of shopping (we were speaking of that, right?) I have been lusting over a few things lately.

I have managed to acquire several varieties of baby carrying contraption and I am still looking for something that really works for us. There is so much out there; slings, pouches, wraps, buckets, shells, etc. and due to the generosity of friends and from my own spending back when Kiddo was a wee babe I have about 5 or 6 to choose from. 5? 6? Why don't I know for sure? Let me think about this...

I have a Hotsling - it's a tad too small, black (so really hot to wear) and it attracts lint and hair. It's no good for Port right now because he's too big to cradle and too small to hip carry.

A friend loaned me another pouch type carrier that is just a tad too big and again has the same problems with Port being too big or too little for certain positions.

The same friend loaned me a Solar Veil Ring Sling - I just can't seem to get the hang of it and Port doesn't seem to wild about it.

I have a Moby Wrap - waaaaayyyyy too hot right now.

I also have a mom-made Mei Tai that is really beautiful. I tried to put Port in it once and he screamed bloody murder. I will try that one again.

That's all of them, so 5 I guess.

Shower the people you love with love. Show them the way you feee--eeell!

ANYWAY.... I really would like to find a carrier that is cool enough to wear during the summer and also is comfy for Port and versatile. I am so loving these right now...

But Mo-mmy!!! All my friends have one!

Seriously, all my friends do have one. It's uncanny. And now that I am looking at it, I really like the one in the picture, but if I had my druthers, I'd design my own to have this on on sideand this on the other
maybe with a pale blue strap? hmm....

But man, oh man they are pricey! That little dream combo I came up with would cost me $90!!


So I am scouring the Craigslist and the Babywearer looking for a loved one that someone wants to sell for slightly less. No such luck so far. *sigh*

One of my bbc momma friends posted a link to these...
And I am so in love with this pattern. They have another green one that is beautiful too. They are supposed to be very light weight and cool and easy to wear.

But again, $$$. Though not as bad at the Mei Tai. *sigh*

The good thing is, I have some photo shoots lined up so hopefully I can set aside some profit to fund one of these. Or maybe I'll get lucky and find a used one somewhere. Or maybe I'll just stare at the pictures all summer and drool onto my laptop.

Who knows?

What's on your current wish list?

And I feel fine anytime she's around me now. And she's around me now...


D :)


Jenni said...

Oh yes, I adore that Gypsy Mama print. It would have been my choice if I had bought one for Mason. I am thinking about getting one of the Breezes this summer though as I've heard they're really nice & cool.

And that BH is drool worthy, indeed!

Julia said...

Oh! Did you say that you're looking for a gently used Babyhawk? I've been wanting to get a custom so that means that I need to sell the one I picked up on CL first or hubby will flip. Maybe we should talk. ;D I just picked up a solarweave SSC, Sachi solarweave MT off babywearers FSOT forums, and ordered a Beco Butterfly, but that's after I parted ways with the Hotsling and Pikkolo.

Julia said...

BTW, I came across a rebozo wrap (second) for $30 only at that is light for summer use. I'm not sure about the colors, but the price is awesome.

Dawn said...

Um, Julia we should most definitely talk! ;)

Oh that rebozo IS a steal - but I am really not digging the colors. bummer. Thanks for the link though. :)

Jill said...

Well I have nothing to say about baby carriers, but I DO love James Taylor. Went to a concert when I was very pregnant with my Julia and we had lawn seats. I remember falling asleep laying down on the lawn. A lovely pregnancy memory!

Vick said...

I had that GM wrap - I loved it when Miss O was little, but after 2 months or so, it was just way too much trouble for routine use. I traded it for an Ellaroo woven wrap. Then I bought the other color ER that I liked, so if you want to try a woven wrap, let me know :) I have Christiane and Ysabel

Ooo - I just realized they're only 4.2 meters - they're probably too short for you to really use, but next time you're over (or if I remember when you're gonna be somewhere else) I'll let you check one out and give it a try for at least a slack front carry or a hip carry.

I keep coming back to my BabyHawk. It really is the perfect carrier. I have a Calyx coming, and I'm looking forward to using the SSC, but my secret fear is I'm still going to love my BabyHawk more!

Oh - and double duh - I just checked Julia's linky - seems like both of y'all are dissing my Ysabel colors anyway, so let me know if Christiane interests you :)

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