Friday, May 09, 2008

2 Become 1

Five weeks:

He smiled at me!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday I took the boys over to my friend's house so we could do a little mini newborn photo session with Port and another friend's newborn. M wanted to try out her new photography toys so she got everything set up and we headed over.

Another friend was there with her kids as well, and while all the big kids played upstairs, her nearly-a-year old stayed down with us. Port was fascinated with her, and she with him, and they smiled and cooed and googled at each other a lot. I was complaining that Port never smiled at me. [yes, I complain a lot]

Later that afternoon while M was taking some pics of the other baby, I was sitting on the floor with Port, feeding him. He looked up at me with his big eyes...

and smiled. It was one of those big, open mouth, toothless smiles that melts my mommy heart every time.

And it was then that I fell for him.

See, talking about things helps. I got my feelings out, and I was free to be changed.

He smiles at me a lot now. It is like fuel to my weary soul.

Hopefully soon I can capture it in a picture.


D :)


Julia said...

Aren't the baby smiles great? :-) This is why I am so thankful that N is such a smiley baby because he is one crap sleeper. C never smiled at me, or hardly did except after her first nap so it made her colic even less tolerable. Gotta love nature's way of making the first few months bearable with that toothless, gummy smile.

TitanKT said...

OMG, in that last picture he looks just like Kiddo!!! Oh! Precious, precious.

Excellent photography and even more excellent genetics. *grin*

Vick said...

Yay for Baby Smiles!!

I tell ya - one smile can make the worst day, the best day.

Port looks *so much* like Kiddo!

alimum said...

Happy Mother's Day!

jhjohnstone said...

Awww... that is so sweet! Port is such a doll baby! Glad you were finally on the receiving end of his sweet smiles. :-)

my2babygirls0405 said...

he's so beautiful!!

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