Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today Port is 7 weeks old. 7 weeks! It is going by so quickly. I just look at him and marvel at how big he is getting, and how I am already forgetting. Forgetting how he looked first born, forgetting his birth experience, forgetting those first little squeaky cries and grunting noises. His cries have changed now; they've become more defined. They say something more than just "I need you!".

My parents were here from Monday till today. They tried to go back home yesterday, but only made it about a half a block from my house when their car broke down. Thankfully it was only a minor problem, but it still required an overnight stay in the dealership and another hotel night for my folks. Their visit was nice, and the kids are now both thoroughly spoiled by their attention. Ah the deprogramming I will have to do!

Port has slept for 7.5 hours two nights in a row now! I don't know if it is all the excitement from the visitors or what, but it sure is nice. I am certain he had a growth spurt last week. His smaller onesies no longer fit and I desperately need to dive into the next storage bucket of clothes for some bigger sizes. My milk supply is slowly getting up there - I am trying to pump every 2-3 hours to build it some. That is proving difficult now that my folks are gone though - as the ready hands are no longer here to comfort the kids if one needs something. My last pump session found me disconnecting 4 times before it was done, just to give Port back his pacifier or adjust him on his resting pillow.

He has lost the majority of his hair now. Only a scraggly black tail of soft, downy hair remains. Someone commented to me the other day that he looks like Billy Ray Cyrus. Gracious. He has also developed a love for chewing on my knuckles. Teething? Perhaps.

As for me, I am doing alright. Having people around for the past couple of days has helped some. I am pretty sure I broke my toe on Monday night. I accidentally kicked a box of photography lights in my hallway and messed up my last two toes on my left foot. It smarted like no other toe stubbing has. When I got up the next morning, it still hurt really bad and the base of my pinkie toe was purple and swollen. It hurt all day, and then that night I stubbed it again on the bouncy seat. This time I heard a crack and the pain completely stopped. Yup, I think I broke it. *sigh*

At least I don't have to go to the doctor about it.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks. I have several photo shoots lined up and am excited to get back on the horse! It will be so much fun to hang out with some new people and photograph their youngin's. I can't wait!

Here is another smiling pic from the other day. My mom was holding him and making him smile. Those are her hands in the pic. I was sitting over her shoulder...

Oh yes! I've been meaning to send you all over to my friend's blog - she has some really great shots of Port up that she took a couple of weeks ago. I just love them! [triple linky love for you Mollie! lol!]


D :)


Julia said...

So what's your secret, baby sleeping pills? Come on! 'Fess up! Who's your dealer? ;D You lucky lucky mama! Here I was thinking that we had a fabulous night when we hit 4 hours, and that was me rounding UP!

Vick said...

dude. 7.5 hours?!? Not. Fair.

But so totally deserved for you - nothing like some solid downtime to recharge a mommy :)

Port is adorable. M got some great shots, too!

I broke my pinky toe about a year ago - keep it iced and elevated, and buddy-tape it to the next toe to keep it immobilized. {{hugs}} It hurts like a mutha, doesn't it?

Mollie said...

ouchie! i did that too, my pinky toe. hurtin like a mutha is putting it mildly! and there is nothing a doc can do other than to lighten your wallet and send you home so don't bother ;) not that you wanna hear this but i swear that months later it would still ache.... aren't i the best friend?? LOL

Thanks for the linky love, love!

Mollie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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