Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mad Sin

Ok, I remember now...

The other day Kiddo was outside in front with Hubby. He has a bad habit of coming in the house and leaving the door open. So after asking him nicely a few times to close the door, Kiddo headed out and once again left the door wide open. I hollered at him (cuz we do that in Texas, holler) to close the door and he, in his best three year old voice said "no".


So I of course retorted with the tried and true mommy command of "close the door NOW!!"

The door was closed, but then I heard something coming from my front porch area.

Kiddo was shouting at me:

"Everything we THINK, or SAY, or DO!! THAT does NOT please God!"
"Everything we THINK, or SAY, or DO!! THAT does NOT please God!"
"Everything we THINK, or SAY, or DO!! THAT does NOT please God!"

um.....ok. I wasn't sure if he was shouting scripture at me or what! And it didn't really make much sense. I could only guess that he was forgetting part of it and possibly emphasising the wrong words.

Hubby and I pondered what the heck he might be trying to say. I Googled scripture, looked on the church's website for the monthly bible verse, and I could. not. figure. it. out.

A few nights later Kiddo got mad at me again and began shouting the same thing.

So this morning after service, I picked up Kiddo from his Sunday school classroom and asked the teacher if she could tell me what he was trying to say. Sure enough, it was something he learned in his class.

They have been teaching the kids about sin. And what they say is, "Sin is everything we think or do or say that does not please God."

I think I may have a future preacher on my hands! ;)

D :)


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I love it! One for the books-for sure!! :)

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