Friday, January 05, 2007

Am I Blue

We are sick today. Self portrait for January 5, 2007.

Kiddo acquired my cough last night just before bed. Thankfully I had some meds to help him sleep. I was not quite as lucky. The reason my brain felt like mush yesterday is because it was simmering at a warm 101 degrees for most of the day. My fever I believe spiked a bit after I went to bed because not long after I hit the pillow I suddenly was unable to get warm. I had on my pj's, my robe, several blankets and still was trembling with chills. About an hour into my "sleep" I began hallucinating - some crazy dreams came out of that one! The good news is that when my fever broke I had sweat enough to get back to my pre-holidays weight. um. yea.

Surprisingly though, Kiddo and I both awoke to good spirits, and even felt up to a trip to Target (the last couple of illnesses we've acquired I believe have come from Target, so I figure I should give back, right? ;) ). Seriously, we had to pick up some contacts for Hubby so I really had no choice.

When we got back though, we both started dragging; my fever returned and we crashed on the couch together. It is seriously hard to take a picture of oneself while fighting off the heavy arms of a tired, sick induced nap. I had to roll off the couch on to the floor to get my self up and moving again. Kiddo is still asleep, and I am sorry to report that Hubby will not be getting a home cooked meal tonight. I don't think I have it in me. Perhaps I should get him to drive-thru somewhere on his way home - ugh. That sounds dreadful. Maybe it's a cereal kind of night.

Hope you all are healthy -

D :)

1 comment:

GenieC said...

omgggg how precious is this picture. I LOVE IT DAWN.

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