Monday, January 08, 2007

More Than Words

Not much to say today. I need to go give Kiddo a bath before he collapses. But, I have to show you my daily self portrait.

Ok, so I snagged this shirt from a pushy, rude woman at Target yesterday. She was practically shoving me away from the clearance rack and I grabbed it before she could get to it. I was feeling particularly saucy, so I rubbed it in. "Wow, only a dollar 98?!?! Oh, it's sooooo soft!" :D

I know, I am evil. But isn't it a cute shirt?


D :)


karrie said...


You look fantastic. The shirt was obviously made for you. :)

Heather said...

Dawn, that is a sassy look you have on your face. What a great shirt.

You look totally hot ;)

GenieC said...

You LOOK FANTABULOUS MY DARLING. and yes the shirt looks great on you.

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