Friday, January 12, 2007

Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

I think I am going to put a hold on the self portraits here for a while. I might keep doing them for the Project 365, but I have a sneaking suspicion you all are getting sick of me. Even though my page views are at an all time high, comments have dropped dramatically!

So, back to the world of regular blogging. I am sorry I have not been my regular chatty self lately. This cough is kicking my back side and I have just felt so...well...spacey lately. Maybe it's because the world stopped that rapid, hang-on-for-you-life spinning it was doing during the holidays; where all I could think about was my next project, baked good, or family member coming to town. Maybe I am just trying to get back to normal, but feeling the emptiness the holidays always leave when they are over. I already miss the music and the "cheer". I miss my excuse to sing.

So for some reason today I have had to strap myself to a chair. If I don't make myself sit, I am sucked into the space that is in front of my refrigerator. I want to eat everything in the house today. Why is that? In all actuality my tummy is a bit troubled today. I totally wrecked my diet yesterday and overindulged in high carb, greasy foods. I just can't tolerate grease the way I used to. Anyway, I still want to eat everything in site; and nothing tastes good. ugh.

I think it might be time for a new PMS treat-of-the-month. Any suggestions? I am leaning toward something lemony/limey/more fruity than chocolate. I don't have any good recipes though. AND - I still have half a bag of butterscotch chips, half a bag of peppermint chips and a whole bag of mint-chocolate chips that I would like to get rid of! Suggestions? Talk to me people! :)

I think Hubby and I are going to try to get out tonight. Have a good one!
D :)


Lane said...

Oooooh, a night out with the hubby? Have a great time! No suggestions for the PMS treat since, IMO, if it ISN'T chocolate, there's just no point. Wanted to add that I for one am NOT tired of the self portraits - keep 'em coming is what I say. I find it really AMAZING that you are such a good photographer AND model. My self portraits are HILARIOUS and I almost always delete them.

karrie said...

I love the pictures you post!

I'm trying to do a similar challenge with a craptastic cheapo Kodak and it is hard to come up with new ideas.

Hope you had a great night out!

karrie said...

Oh, a lemon bar, all the way for your craving. :)

Carrie said...

the best pms relief I know is a giant caffeinated soda non-diet variety, a giant chocolate chip cookie and a small bag of fritoes. All to be consumed at the same time.

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