Saturday, January 06, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

I always thought I had pretty eyes! Self portrait, January 6, 2007.

They do look tired though; and a bit red still. We are better today. Kiddo's affliction seems to be much less serious than mine. I feel like I am going to start coughing up lung here in a minute and he is fine. Hopefully I'll be over this soon.

Well, the latest on the Fry front is that it could be that Kiddo may start potty training soon. He seems to find flushing the toilet fascinating. I won't let him flush unless he does something - so every night before his bath he asks to be set upon the throne. He grunts, he groans, he pushes and strains until I fear he may do damage, then hops off and says "Good Job!" while reaching for the lid. I have to watch him and be ready to snatch him up quick or he'll flush the toilet several times in a row - oy vey my water bill! But night after night nothing comes out (except for a toot or two)- so I'm not quite sure he is actually getting it, you know?

Either way I suppose it is a step in the right direction.


D :) *cough, hack!*


Lane said...

Wow! You DO have pretty eyes. I love the color -are baby's eyes that color too?

Dawn said...

Heh, no Kiddo's eyes are like his daddy's. They are sort of a golden brown, or light brown - it's hard to describe. When the light hits them just right they glow!

GenieC said...

Youve got the most beautiful EYES, My sweet. I LOVE THEM.

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