Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Words Get in The Way

I have sat down three or four times today to write something and I cannot find the words. I cannot complete a thought. I am drained; wiped, done today. Nothing I had planned happened, nothing I wanted to accomplish, nothing I needed to get done materialized. Hmmm, seems wasted in a way.

Kiddo was, for the most part, fairly pleasant; but decided today would be the day to really tune up the toddler 'tude and knock me on my butt. Today he demanded everything. "OPEN!" "MILK!" "LIGHT!" "PLEASE!!" (at least he said please!) ;)

Anyway, we had a dreary day here, and par for the Texas "winter", my back yard is now a gigantic sludge pit. Kiddo made sure I was aware, and so here is my self portrait for the day...

and just to make sure you see the full impact of his announcement...

Eat your heart out Karrie! :)

D :)

1 comment:

katsplace said...

In that same boat paddling away as it sinks. (hug)

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