Sunday, January 21, 2007

Innocence Maintained

So I think I know Kiddo pretty well. I mean, we spend just about every waking moment together, and quite a few of the sleeping one's as well. I'm pretty much the only one who feeds him, bathes him, clothes him and in all this I think I know what he likes and dislikes. I have tried feeding him just about everything under the sun (except peanut products) and have kept a running list in my head of the things he will and won't eat. Now, I know kids can be fickle; what they love one day will be strewn aside the next like garbage. And I know that taste is something subject to change on a daily basis as well. But for the most part, Kiddo is pretty consistent. Or so I thought...

So the list of snubbed dishes so far includes things like Lima beans, asparagus, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots and scrambled eggs. These items have been offered time and again, and on occasion when tasted caused instant gagging reflex in my little one. He won't even touch a tomato in any shape or form, unless he mistakes it for a grape! :) Just trust me when I say I was completely confident in telling someone that Kiddo would absolutely not partake in any of these items during a meal.

We were staying with Grammy and Happy last week, as you know. Every morning G & H have a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese mixed in. I am not really a breakfast person (unless you count coffee) and so I often do not participate in the ritual when I am there. Kiddo, at home anyway, tends to not be particularly interested in food until he has been up a while, so I often wait about an hour before I feed him breakfast. But, G & H are early morning folk and so every morning breakfast was ready just as we were opening our eyes. I've been trying to implement a schedule with Kiddo anyway, so the first morning I went ahead and put Kiddo in a chair and set a plate in front of him. Knowing full well he would absolutely not touch the eggs, I dug up some apple sauce and a banana thinking it would help stir his appetite and solve the problem of a fussy baby sitting in front of an untouched plate.

But oh my friends, I truly believe God gives us children to test all that we think we know, to provide us with daily laughter, and yes, to embarrass us by proving us wrong. Kiddo decided to provide all those things at once. After saying something to the effect of, "well he probably won't eat the eggs since he doesn't like them", Kiddo took one look at Grammy enjoying her eggs and scarfed his up like they were chocolate ice cream! As if that wasn't enough, later that day he was offered a carrot. Once again I made mention that he didn't like them and the next thing I knew he was munching on his second! Oy vey!

From now on I am keeping my mouth shut.

Oh yes, on a totally unrelated note - I made my PMS treat of the month. It is a lemon cake with vanilla/lemon custard. OMG! Heavenly! So light, so moist, so very lemon. mmmmmm, I think I'll have another bowl. Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice. But here it is anyway.


D :)


karrie said...


Is there any left? I adore all things lemon. Ask Kat! :)

Lane said...

Dee-lish! Care to share?

My kids do that same trick, which simply makes Grammy and Papa giddy with delight.

Anonymous said...

Curse yee for that cake...

Made for a good lunch though :-)

kat said...

I was on a lemon kick last week also.

Don't you love how children can make a liar out of you. Just when you swear they won't do something or can do something they do just the opposite.

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