Saturday, January 13, 2007

Good Day

Oh Mother Nature - you are showing us your wrath today. We are being bombarded with cold and rain and flooding and nastiness. Starting tomorrow the temps are supposed to drop and the ice is to come. I am not looking forward to that. What's worse is the weather forecasters can't tell us for sure if anything is going to happen, but they are still saying to stock up on staples in case we are iced in for a couple of days. I ran up to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things and you could just taste the panic in the air. People were racing to grab the last of the wood, propane and such - which wouldn't have been so bad were it not for the hoarders. I mean, do you really need 12 gallons of milk for your family of 3?!? And exactly where are you going to keep them???

Hubby and I attempted to get out last night (with Kiddo). We decided to go to dinner (yay gift cards!) and then stop by Old Navy and check out the all wonderful sale they are having. I just have to ask - am I the only one that finds it extremely aggravating to go to a restaurant, wait 30 minutes for a table, only to be brought to said table and then have to stand there waiting another 5 minutes for someone to bring a high chair? I mean, really! I do not understand this at all. They knew we needed it when we asked for a table for two+a high chair. It seems simple enough. I worked in a restaurant in AZ that made sure EVERYTHING was set and ready to go before we brought the people to the table. I loved that. But I digress...

So we eat dinner and went to Old Navy. We scored a ton of clothes for Hubby, Kiddo and I at bargain basement prices! I am so glad. Hubby needed clothes terribly, and now should have enough pants to get him through next year at least. Not one thing was over $9.50, and most of it was under $5. woo hoo!!

Today we attempted to go back and shop some more, but with all the rain and flooding it was more than we wanted to deal with. Kiddo wasn't having any of it and whined the entire time.

Maybe next week when the ice thaws and we emerge from our huddle in front of the fire place, we can venture forth again in search of any remaining bargains.

I am off to give Kiddo a bath; just wanted to check in. Hope you all are warm and happy!

Self portrait for today...
Thank you all for your comments and support! Much love to you all!
D :)


Lane said...

Ooooh! That stinks about the ice. People around here go into the same panic, BUT in all fairness, when we get an ice storm, there is always an aread without power. Last year we were out for a couple of days and it was COLD.

That is awesome about the ON sale. I keep hearing about it. Maybe I can get there tomorrow. I better get out before that nasty storm heads our way!

Jennifer said...

I hate that about restauraunts too! We get so aggravated because they take forever to bring you a highchair! Love the self portrait every day!

Carrie said...

Yesterday we attempted (again) to go out for dinner. This time, after we asked for the highchair and were taken to a table, the waitress said I didn't know you needed a highchair. So we had to go wait back in the lobby another 15 minutes for a bigger table. They wouldn't even let us sit in an empty booth with a highchair on the end because it would disrupt "traffic".
So I hear ya sister!
Are you feeling better???

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