Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wishily Washily, Washily, Wish

Day 2 of 2007 and I am the proud new owner of my very first NEW dishwasher! I am so excited - darn it though if I didn't wash all the dirty dishes this morning with the old one! There is nothing to wash my friends! The irony.

The installation guys were scheduled to come "between 2 and 4" today. Little did they (or I) know that the reality was they would actually be here FROM 2 to 4. Apparently, having an angled cabinet makes for a difficult installation. My not-so-positive lead handyman let loose a few too many explicatives while trying to get the machine in it's proper place. Then there was an unscheduled, yet required run to the local Home Depot, which at only 5 miles away, apparently was sooooooo far for him to go - and made him lament the fact that he no longer lived in Las Vegas. And after enduring hearing how he should have been a builder, I got an informative lesson on the fact that I need to replace my sink valves because they were soldered in a weird place and could not be turned. And since Mr. Handyman "built the Bellagio" (his exact words) and he's seen thousands of sinks, he knows they should not be that way.

But, in the end I have my new Black Beauty (thank you Mom and Dad!!!), and am looking forward to many loads of dishes to come! Here is my picture of the day with my toy...

HEY! Did you notice I am not in my pj's? Yes, I even took a shower today! :) :)

Oh, and one more thing...

Mmmmmmm. My last dessert hurrah. 2 Crust Apple Pie! Soooo yummy! Want a piece? I have vanilla ice cream to. Hmmm, is this ok for my diet?


D ;)


GenieC said...


kassie said...

Oh I want a dishwasher! I want one right now!

It would be nice not to come home to a pile of dishes. I too like the black appliances. I am hopefully going to get one for my new house next month. YAY.

By the way I am Kassie, little sister of Karrie. I am new to blogging and trying to make some friends so if you arent busy drop by my blog if you like.

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