Monday, January 15, 2007

Only the Lonely

A couple more.... I can't resist!
Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely

Barbara Mandrell - If Lovin' You is Wrong (I don't want to be right)

Hee hee!!

D :)


karrie said...

Oh wow! I remember thinking she was so beautiful when I was a kid. How did she get her hair to do that??

Lane said...

Did you watch the variety show that she had with her sisters? Was it Earlene or something? Yikes! I loved it though.

I used to LOVE her as a kid. I grew up on that stuff - Kenny Rogers, Dolly, Johnny Cash and all the oldies, so I always nod in appreciation when I see your song choices. Funny how I love the old country music, but HATE the new stuff -minus George Strait and a few other "purists". lol

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