Sunday, February 04, 2007

Again and Again

Kiddo's vocabulary is exploding. These days he can repeat pretty much anything we say with accuracy after only hearing it once. Sometimes we have to sound out a word for him slowly or he'll mangle it, but he is still rather awesome at parroting everything we say. For the most part, he still doesn't have very good conversation skills though. He can ask for something, but in a question/answer/retort type situation he often resorts to gibberish.

One of Kiddo's favorite phrases is "I smell something". We say it to him, it's in a couple of his books and I think the Little Einsteins say it a time or two. Kiddo utters the phrase with much inflection and articulation, but rarely does he say it in actual response to an odor. So, this morning, Kiddo and Hubby were "conversing" on the couch. Mostly gibberish, giggling and funny noises were exchanged, but then...

Kiddo: "I smell something!"

Hubby: (not looking up from his magazine) "You smell something?"

Kiddo: "I smelllll..."

Hubby: (not really paying attention) "I know, you smell."

Kiddo: "YOU smell!"

He said it with the most sincerity I have ever heard from his little mouth. We must have laughed for 5 minutes.

Well, it was funny to us anyway. ;)


D :)

1 comment:

Rachel Anne said...

oh, now you have to watch what you say! There's nothing like a 2 year old coming out withan expletive or something embarrassing at an inopportune moment. Yikes!

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