Sunday, February 25, 2007

Memoirs of a Housewife

Every morning when I get up I turn on the computer and fix myself a cup of coffee. First I check email, then log onto Babycenter and check my birth board. Once I am caught up on threads I go to Statcounter and check out how many people stopped by several of my blogs the day before. Then I come to this blog and start checking out my favorite reads one by one. It's funny because sometimes I get irritated if a particular favorite doesn't have anything new. I don't post on my blog every day, why should I be annoyed by someone else who does the same thing?

I love how The Pioneer Woman posts every day. Where does she find the time? How does she think of her material? I realized today that the blogs I read that post relatively often not only share current events, but also tell stories from the past.

The past. Whoa. Heavy.

I'm not sure I want the world to know my past. Not that it's bad or anything, but it is, after all, past. And I am not sure any of it would be interesting to anyone. Once a blog gets regular readership, there forms a sort of pressure to be interesting every time you post. Many bloggers feel the need/pressure to be funny or thought-provoking or interesting in some way. It is tough. And once that pressure is applied, the sensors start to emerge. I can't talk about that, it is not very funny. Did Kiddo do anything funny today? Nope. Well, I guess I won't blog then. Well, I can't post about that because so-and-so reads and they will be hurt. And I can't talk about this person because so-and-so's mother's best friend's niece's hairdresser reads and it might get back to so-and-so. Then there is the pressure of being a "good writer". Several people comment on your writing style and how great it is and then something in your head starts pressuring you to have a perfect post. What is that anyway? I have never claimed to be a good writer - I know my grammar is atrocious. I just write the way I think. Sometimes it is intelligent, sometimes it is mush.

But the thing is; if I get irritated when my favorite reads don't post, then I should expect my regular readers to feel the same way about me, right? Maybe not everyone cares that much, but I just love perusing a blog's latest entry over my 2 daily cups of coffee. And if not many people have posted, then I am forced to surf other sites to fill the time. My day then will not be quite as bright. ;)

So I am going to try to post more. Maybe I will tell some stories. I just need to find a good way to present them, you know, so they are interesting.

This may not be interesting to most, but I'll share anyway. Kiddo has found a new favorite lounging/napping place.

Yup. That's my fireplace. I put that blanket there to cushion any sudden falls, and it has now become Kiddo's comfy cozy resting place. He napped for 3 hours up there the other day. And before you ask, yes, he tossed and turned and shifted all around and no, he never fell off.

Well, I should go make some lunch now. I just wanted you all to know I am going to try to post more often. The pressure is really getting to me. :)




Cindy said...

Pioneer Woman is a favorite here too! I know I can count on her for a daily read. I just can't. seem. to. do. it. Blog daily, that is. But I expect everyone else to, for my entertainment. So get cracking!

Julia said...

Hi Dawn! I saw a link to your blog from the Austin Babycenter in your siggie. I can completely identify with your post. :-) My sisters will email me or call me to blog if they haven't seen an update.

karrie said...

I finally made it to the Pioneer Woman. WOW!!

Dawn said...

Hey Julia!! Glad you found me!

I know Karrie - isn't she great!?! Today wasn't too funny but most days I am spitting coffee out of my nose! LOL!

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