Thursday, February 15, 2007

And They Call It Puppy Love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I know, I am a bit late, huh? Well did you all have a good day or what? Our day was, well, umm, interesting I guess. Kiddo has yet another cold - I guess I should be more diligent about washing hands after visiting petri dishes - er, um playgrounds. He started with a belly ache and the sniffles Monday night and by Tuesday it was fountain nose and fever. Joy. To make things that much more interesting, by yesterday my throat and head were chiming in on the fun as well.

So last night our original plan was to let Kiddo play over at the neighbors house (she so graciously offered - how did we ever get so lucky to move next door to such wonderful people?) and Mommy and Daddy were going to have a nice night in, alone. (say it with me now - *sigh*) The theme of the evening ended up having to do with cream cheese. I'm not sure how that happened, but I made a cream cheese and sausage dip to start (so yummy! You should ask me for the recipe, really), some of the sushi we had for dinner had cream cheese and I had baked a cheesecake.

A little side note here - when planning to prepare a dish from a recipe you've never used before, make sure to actually READ the recipe, all the way through, to make sure you know what you are getting into. I got a recipe from a magazine and though it was fairly simple, I didn't really read it well. Part of it involved making the crust (crushing the graham crackers, etc.) and I thought I'd save myself some time and buy a ready-made crust. Great idea, right? I prepared the filling and dumped it in the crust only to find that there was about two times the amount of filling needed to fill the crust (and I even got the big one!). After reading the recipe I realized it was for a 13x9 baking pan, not a round pie crust. Doh!


Kiddo was clingy all day, but didn't seem to be running a fever anymore so I thought we were in the clear. About an hour before I was to take him over I checked his temp and it was 101. Drat. So much for the evening. Hubby and I thought we could still salvage things though because Kiddo hadn't had a nap and we thought (so foolishly) for sure he would go down for the night early. I gave him some meds just before 7 and we sat back and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

By 8:00 Hubby was doubting my ability to read measurements on the medicine bottle. I assured him I gave proper dosage, but it seemed that instead of the normal "calming" effects the medicine has, it ramped up to severely annoying proportions my snotty, clingy, whiny child.

After several tries and lots of tears (on both our parts) we were able to get Kiddo asleep around 9. About an hour and a half later, Kiddo was crying. The crying lead itself to screaming and then flailing and then sleep, then 2 minutes later the process would start all over again. By 1AM I gave in and turned on the TV to his requested "Bear" DVD. Let me just say that if you think a video is annoying during the day, never, ever agree to watch it at 1 in the morning with a cranky, sick toddler. Not fun my friends, not fun. We watched the video until I could take it no longer at 2:30 and shut it off, praying he would stay asleep on my chest. No such luck.

I got up to get more medicine, managed to properly fill the dropper and then promptly squirted sticky, grape flavored madness all over my kitchen floor and refrigerator when I reached in for a sippy of milk. It was dark, Kiddo was screaming and so I left it there until a few hours later when I slithered out from beneath the finally sleeping beast. By the time I finally crawled into bed for some real sleep, Hubby was getting up to go to work.
It's a wonder I even function. Thank God for COFFEE. :)

But on a good note, I have this to keep me company. :)

And these, the result of my recipe blunder...
You know you want some.... :)
D :)


kat said...

Some children can really become hyper from either antihistamines or decongestants. Lucky me... I do. It works for me the first time or the right way and then the next time I take it, I don't sleep and if I do I have disturbing, crazy dreams that make me restless.

So basically, if I get a cold I have to tough it out for the most part. If Kiddo isn't picky, you might be able to get him to drink red Rooibos tea which thins down mucus.

Lane said...

Sorry about the Valentine's Day gone awry! The cheesecake DOES look delicious though and I wouldn't mind having the recipe for the dip. :)

Rachel Anne said...

Wow, I don't visit for a week and look at all that's happened! My condolences on your Val. Day. Why oh why do kids get sick on holidays? Romance goes right out the window. But the cheescake looks wonderful...I'll pass on Kiddo's choice of dogfood.

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