Monday, February 12, 2007

Little Wing Part 1

Hello m'dear K. I am tracking your flights today and thought I would blog your progress. It looks like your first flight left about 20 minutes late - yikes! That's going to make the 35 minute layover in H-town only 15 minutes - I hope you can get to the next gate in time! It's 1:38 and the plane has made a turn and is now in it's final decent. I hope the drugs are calming your nerves and Mr. A is holding your hand.

Here is the progress so far. Looks like a smooth flight. Hope you didn't hit any turbulence. That's what bothers me the most. Well, actually the landing and take-off bother me the most, but turbulence freaks me out. It's that control thing I have. Ok, flight tracker sucks because I just refreshed the screen and it now says you landed 14 minutes ago. *hrumph*

On a totally unrelated note, Kiddo will probably spend the next few days puking and pooping his guts out as I just caught him drinking dirty rain water off of the lid of a Rubbermaid tub out side. *gack!*

So your next flight is at 2:20. Hopefully it will be smooth and steady and you can play on the computer or something. I will say a prayer for you.


D :)

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