Friday, February 16, 2007

Little Wing Part 3

Alright Ms. K, you are on the 1st flight home. I think you have already departed, but my flight tracker won't pick up the flight until you are over the US. So, I hope you are seated comfortably next to your Hubby, sipping a relaxing beverage and thinking about how big the smiles on your kiddo's faces will be when you get home. I know you are afraid they didn't miss you, but I guarantee they did. I hear them every time you are on the phone with me and you walk in the door - they will be ecstatic to see you after being separated for a week.

So, since I can't post a flight path shot yet, here is some music to pass the time.

And a perfect tune from a chick flick we saw together, Elizabethtown.

Well, according to tracker, your flight arrived 41 minutes ago. I will track the next one as well. Hope the flight was nice and smooth!
D :)

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