Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do You Want to Play?

Well, this morning I manged to get up more than an hour before Kiddo today. He is still asleep and I am already through my second cup of coffee. I am not sure of what to do with myself! He should be up soon though because I heard him talking in his sleep a minute ago.

So yesterday I thought of a terrific story to tell. Boy, it was going to blow your socks off! Unfortunately, as quickly as I thought of it, I forgot it. Sorry. I think I was in between loads of laundry when the idea came to me. And you know how laundry just sucks the brains out of you. Oh well.

According to the weather report the temps reached 87 degrees here yesterday. Holy moly! That's hot for February - even in Texas. My neighbor came out front with her kids and we sat out in the yard while the kids played for a while. It is nice to hang out with her. Her kiddos are cute and they play well with my Kiddo, even though he's a year or two younger than them.

Kiddo enjoyed riding on their play horse.

He galloped all over the yard, watching his shadow on the neighbor's brick wall. I do not know where he learned how to ride the horse - he's never seen a kid do that and the neighbor's kids don't ride it that way either. It is amazing to me how he instinctively knows things like that.

When we are out front, the NKs (neighbor's kids) always seem to have some sort of drink in a can, and of course Kiddo wants one too. Thankfully I have some lemonade I can give him, since I refuse to give him soda. I have to pour out over half of the drink though. One, because I don't want him drinking that much and two because if there is much in the can he ends up wearing it! But he loves drinking out of a can; I think he feels like a big kid when he does it.

Every time we go out there though, it is such a headache for me because as soon as the NKs go home Kiddo throws a fit. He LOVES playing with them and when we go inside he cries and acts out for sometimes up to an hour. I have the hardest time getting him to calm down afterward.

Ah well. It's the price I pay for some adult interaction I guess.


D :)

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