Monday, February 12, 2007

Little Wing Part 2

Ok, you made it to H-town safely, and our brief chat on the phone assured me you were ok, though you sounded a bit shaken. I hope I didn't bug you with my call, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.

According to the flight tracker, your second flight took off about 20 minutes late, so I guess all that running through IAH did you no good. Sorry. Hope you got a good seat and a cocktail quickly.

Looks like you have just flown past the coast line and are now looking out over the gulf. Ahh, the lovely brown ocean water, what a site! ;) Only an hour and a half left of this flight and you will be on Mexican soil!

So, I am thinking after you get back this weekend that we should have another girls-night-out. There has got to be a chick flick on that we need to see.

You are now at cruising altitude of 34000 feet. You can relax, move about the cabin, whatever you wish. Hopefully you are able to get some rest or take in a movie.

Looks like you just passed over the tip end of Texas and are now heading into Mexico. Only 1 hour left to go.

Unfortunately from this point on, tracker doesn't do updates. Apparently they don't track in other countries. So, I guess I'll wait for your call. You have 34 minutes left of the flight and I am sure it will arrive safely.

I will track your return flights on Friday. Have a good week!


D :)

1 comment:

Doggy Mama said...

I love tracking flights when someone I know is flying... it makes me feel like I have some control over their safety!

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