Friday, February 16, 2007

Little Wing Part 4 Finale

Ok, after what appears to be an atrocious layover in Houston, you are about to start your 4th and final flight for his trip. At only 30 minutes long, the flight will be shorter than your drive home from the airport! :) It appears the flight has been delayed, so here is some more music to help you pass the time... and appropriate too as it is titled "Mexico"!

I really hope flight tracker is wrong and you are not still sitting at the airport. That would suck. I have even checked a couple of other sites and they have no report of departure either. Nope; just updated and the flight left 35 minutes late. Bummer. I bet the Kiddos are going to be asleep when you get home. Won't they be surprised to find you home when they wake up!

Here you are, half way home!

and a little further...

Ok, looks like you arrived at 12:05, safe and sound. I hope you've enjoyed your flight tracking experience! Good night!


D :)

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