Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Mommy Draw Tiger?

My little artist. Isn't he a cutie pie? Unfortunately, his medium of choice today is skin. He was making himself into a tiger. Joy.

and a little camo for the face...

Project Completion

Thank goodness for washable markers! The bad news is, even after I scrubbed off a layer of epidermis, the stripes are still there. I guess he's wearing long pants for a couple of days.


D :)


ImBlessed2x said...

I LOVE these photos! Adorable :)

And I'd be the first to lead the movement to protest the so-called "washable markers"! They are a crock!

my2babygirls0405 said...

hahahaha... that is hilarious!

Rachel Anne said...

Good looking tiger! So creative, like his Mom.

dt said...


Amy *2Pinks* said...

Haha! Fortunately my girls have only scribbled on their highchair trays, the table, and my steamer trunk - all which came off with WD-40. I am dreading the day when skin will come into play. At least he is being creative!

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