Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bite Me

I really hate teething. Hate it.

Kiddo; I don't remember him having it so bad. He got really high fevers when he teethed - fever in the 103 -104 range, but I don't remember him being as messed up by teething as Port is.

Poor little guy, teething is bad, bad, bad for him. He is miserable. He gets the worst poops - they come every hour or so - and after a while they don't smell so most of the time I don't notice when he's dirty. And apparently they burn because after just a few (and a couple of unnoticed ones) his little bum is so raw and painful.

He screams when we try to change his diaper. I have to keep him covered in butt cream. Poor guy is miserable without it.

And his gums are so sore, so very sore. He bites at us and everything he can get to with a ferociousness I've only seen in animals. He'll chomp down on my shoulder and moan - it's pretty humorous, and sad, and uh, well, painful!

If he can sleep, even when drugged on Motrin, he will cry out in the night. It's loud enough and long enough to send me shooting out of bed. Often I peer into the crib and find he is still asleep. Other times he'll cry out and sit right straight up. He'll scream and sob and the only thing I can do to calm him is to take him into the bed with me. And though he is hot and uncomfortable he'll doze and sweat and toss and turn there in my arms all night long.

He still has his moments though; first thing in the morning he wakes with a big ole grin and a giggle. He is so happy for a few minutes every morning. We wrestle around and cuddle for a while, either until he realizes he's hungry or Kiddo comes in and disturbs our quiet time.

But shortly after we wake he begins his frustrating day; he's easily distracted, difficult to entertain, and he moves from room to room, toy to toy in a fitful state of unfulfilment.

Today he would only eat soft foods. Even the cheese bread he loves so much was too painful to eat. Tooth number 4 emerged from his upper gum in the night. The flesh was still puffy and raw this morning.

Poor little guy, I hope he gets some relief soon.

D :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

I feel your pain, literally. N bit me many times today, and he's never ever done that before. So here I am, nearly 1 am, in pain from a fresh bite. Vampire.

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