Saturday, January 17, 2009

Every Little Counts

Weekend Edition Kiddo Speak:

Last weekend at the birthday party (pics coming soon, I promise!), we made a stop in the lady's room before we left. In the 2 stall bathroom, one stall was out of order, and a large sign on the door said just that. Kiddo read the sign and asked me what it meant...

Back at our house, we have one of our toilets "out of order" as well. I had to remind Kiddo of that last night just before putting the boys in the bath tub. Normally Kiddo goes potty right before a bath, so I had to send him to the hall bath.

Flash forward to today, just seconds ago, Kiddo went to the bathroom. Port and I were playing in Kiddo's room across the hall. This is what I heard coming from the bathroom...

"This potty has order. It has lots of ORDER."

hee hee!

D :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

That's too funny! Yes, orderly potties are definitely better than out of order ones.

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