Friday, January 09, 2009

Somewhere In the Night

Happy Friday Ladies!

I know I am getting in on this late - sorry about that. How about some decaf? Well, I am hosting Company Girl Coffee today from my inlaws home in Houston. I hope my mother-in-law doesn't mind y'all coming over. She keeps a much tidier house than I do, so today we shall sip our beverages in luxury! ;)

Oh man what a day. Port was up all night - and by "up" I mean awake and screaming his head off. Poor Hubby. Poor Dog. Poor neighbors. *sigh* His top tooth finally broke through the gum and he was in serious pain. I had him doped up on Motrin, which I can only assume took the edge off, but did little else. When things got really bad (re: uncontrollable screaming) I could smear a big glop of Oragel in his mouth and in about 10 minutes it worked enough to let him sleep for about 30-45 minutes or so. We ended up on the couch most of the night in my feeble attempt to allow Hubby a few hours of sleep. Have I mentioned how well sound carries on the new wood floors?? oh yeah!

Anyway, somewhere in the night (ooh that reminds me of an old Sawyer Brown song) Port acquired an awesome stopped up nose to go with his searing gum pain. This morning Kiddo rolled out of his bed with the same fountain nose, and wallah! two sick kids!!! Can life get any better! eeeeeee!

Obviously I am delirious.

Lack of sleep can do that to a person.

AND, because I am the brilliant sadomasochist that I am, I loaded up my brood and strapped them into car seats (re: short people torture devices) and drove them for about 4 hours to the above mentioned inlaws house.

Ah, so much FUN!

Have you ever listened to a baby scream for 2 hours without stopping - and do everything within your power to make it better, but aside from stopping, getting him out and wriggling your nose to magically whisk you back to your house in an instant, know there is absolutely nothing you can do?

Am I frazzled yet?


Well, we made it. Barely.

And now here I sit at 10:30 - both kids are asleep for the time being - and I finally have a moment to have a virtual cuppa with you.


Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for an absolutely stunning 3 year old, AND I am finally going to get my hair cut and colored!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! I am so excited. I will once again be restored to my blond self. Hubby has requested his blond wifey and so it shall be.

Though, I do so very much miss the red.

Have a wonderful weekend!
D :)


Claudia said...

Sounds like you must have nerves of steel - or did anyway. Not sure I would have made it through.

Hope the rest of the weekend is better!

Rachel Anne said...

Oh man! What a fun week. Teething/stuffy nose/no sleep....thanks for reminding me what I'm in for all over again. I was just beginning to forget.

I can't wait to see pictures of the photo shoot AND the blond hair. I am in sad need of both cut and color but I've been too stingy to part with the $$ to get it done. It causes me deep sorrow because hair is my thing.

Jen said...

Auh yes, 2 sick kiddos, we have been there recently as well...oh ya, and the teething. It's good times all around isn't it!

Enjoy getting your hair done!

Joyce said...

My daughter isn't feel well either. oy... I hope things will be back to "normal" soon and that you get some sleep.

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