Friday, January 30, 2009

Put Some Money in the Bucket

So it's Friday - I should not be blogging, but I can't miss a Company Girl coffee! I should be editing, but my brain is so foggy I can't even look at the screen for that long without my eyes crossing. Come on in, I have coffee brewing 24/7 right now.

*yawn* I still haven't gotten any sleep. Something has got to give here. I am so far gone I don't think I will ever be 100%. If only I could run away for a couple of days and just sleep! That would be bliss!


my mind is totally blank.

oh yes! Now I remember!

We have been talking a lot about what to do for Kiddo for school. He is 4 now, but will turn 5 this summer and therefore makes the cutoff for Kindergarten this year. Hubby and I have pretty much decided that we want to hold him back a year - for many reasons.

So I've been doing so research on the pre-k and mom's day out programs near us and finding that most everything is super expensive or super inconvenient. I would like to have him in something a couple days a week, both to give myself a break and also to give Kiddo a bit of a taste of the "school" environment so he is not shell-shocked in 2010 when he starts Kinder. I am still toying with homeschooling, but am really scared that my lack of organization would keep me from getting anything done with him. However, I have heard of and am totally interested in the possibility of getting him in a program that does the classroom thing a couple of days a week and then coordinates with a home school program the other days of the week. I have an online friend that works for and has her children in one of these type programs, and it seems like a great solution to many of our issues.

Anyway, up until now the only program like this that I had heard of in the area was based downtown and it is very hard to get into.

I was flipping through a local newspaper yesterday (while I was trying to force an early nap on Port) and saw a blurb about a new school opening up in my area. Right. down. the. road.

It is one of these programs! 2 days a week in the classroom, 3 days with "home school" type assigned work. It is a Christian program, based on the University Model format, and it is opening up this year right up the road from me for K-6th grade.




This is what I think would be perfect for Kiddo - I still get to home school him, plus he gets to be in a classroom with his peers, AND - the home school work is already planned out for me! In Kindergarten they do core classes (Language Arts, Math, History, Science) and you can also enroll them for an electives group (Music, P.E., and Spanish!). I am so excited!!


{don't you just hate the but(s)?}



boo, hiss

Tuition, with the elective group added is almost 3K++ a year. [the ++ is the Admission, Registration and Ministry fee, as well as books and uniforms]

*cough! hack!*

ug, ug, ug. Why must they make this so agonizing???

Maybe we can save for it and put him in next year.

D :/


Jen Barnes said...

We have so much in common, it's scary. You're just a year ahead of us with the older boy, that's all...

Dani said...

Awww, that does sound like an awesome program. I'm sorry it is so expensive. :( Maybe they will have to lower the prices because of the economy :)

Camille said...

We are doing the same thing with our son. He will be 5 before the school cut off, but we have decided to wait another year. Good luck with the school issues,I think this is one of the hardest choices as a parent.

Julia said...

I came across this school, looking for teaching jobs. It does sound so unique.

Julia said...

Do you know if that school offers financial assistance? Many private schools do.

College Station said...

I know exactly what you are going through. To start off with, we decided to hold both of our older boys back(youngest is only 3 still) and it has been the greatest decision ever. They have been the leaders in their class because of having an extra year of maturity. So, I would definately say it's a plus, then we decided to put our kids in a Christian School but there was no way we would be able to pay for it. We had a garage sale to pay for the 1st month's tuition and just barely made it, but you know God is AMAZING!! We were able to keep our kids in that school for 7 YEARS. God provided that money for us and it was an great foundation for my boys. Of course we did without many extra things because of having to pay for tuition but I know the reward will be fantastic in the long run. Thanks for listening to my rambeling.
Have a blessed weekend!

PolkaDot Mama said...

Maybe a homeschool assistance program through the school would work for you. They can go to a few things a week if you want, and you get the books from the school. I don't know the reasons for wanting to hold him back, but one on one time with your child for a year could be great for him.

I homeschool and am not all that organized, I just have the rule that school work has to be done first thing in the morning. Also, when you work one on one you can get so much more done that it doesn't take all day. My first grader finished easily before lunch every day.

mholgate said...

First of all, thanks for stopping for coffee in your busy schedule!

My boys are in kindergarten and first grade this year. They both have done really well academic wise. Sometimes I wish I would have waited though. I have seen with some of my other friend's boys how Pre-K can really help mature and prepare kids for Kindergarten.

Good luck! Looking forward to stopping in for coffee again sometime. :)


Jen said...

Oh ya, in the same boat. I'm leaning towards putting Joei in this year though, if she gets picked for the charter school down the street. If not, probably will wait. So it's kinda up to the Lord I guess!

Carol said...

Hi! I think you are so smart for holding him back a year. I can't tell you how many children I taught in upper elementary who struggled with certain concepts because they just weren't developmentally ready for them. That school sounds great. I hope something opens up for you soon.

Carol said...

Hi! I think you are so smart for holding him back a year. I can't tell you how many children I taught in upper elementary who struggled with certain concepts because they just weren't developmentally ready for them. That school sounds great. I hope something opens up for you soon.

One More Equals Four said...

I am a home schooling mother. I have been doing this for 7 years now and just want to encourage can do it! It is sometimes hard, sometimes frustrating but ALWAYS worth it! We participate in a home school tutorial 2 days a week. It is housed in a local church and while it is tuition based, it is very reasonable and such a blessing. I don't know if there is anything comparable in your area, but you should try contacting your local home school support group, they could probably refer you to lots of co-ops or tutorials you may not be aware of! Good luck!

Joyce said...

My daughter is 2, but I'm already thinking about the preschool/kindergarten thing since I was a Pre-K teacher before. It is expensive these days. Hope you find something that works out. We have a center at our church, but it's a whole day program and very expensive.

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