Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Do You Sleep?

Man I really want to blog today. I really, really do. But holy heck, I don't have two brain cells to rub together.





I honestly have not slept for longer than 30 minutes since last Friday night. Port is killing me. I am at the point now where I am still awake, but running on seriously thin fumes. Caffeine can only do so much. I have moments of great clarity, but most of the time I am in a total fog. I should not be doing anything important right now.

Unfortunately when you run a household, that is not really an option.

Thank God for Girl Scout cookies.

{who said that?}

Anyway, I had lots to do today, so after a couple of failed attempts at getting Port to nap, I loaded up the kids in the van and headed out to run some errands. Put my key in the ignition, turned, nothing.

*sigh* seriously?

The battery was dead again.

Have I mentioned





See, when I get really tired like this, I have no patience, I have no sympathy and I have very little to no self control. But I must say, I did pretty good and only *thought* of a few choice curse words - they did not however escape my lips. I unloaded the kids and called Hubby, and only slightly tried to blame him for the whole thing. ;) Not really, but it must have had something to do with the fact he left his cell phone at home, right? I mean, it was just him testing fate that he didn't have it on his person at all times. Oh yeah, and it was my fault too because I let the battery die on my cell phone.

[on a side note, when I did get my phone charged back up, I discovered the most bizarre voice mail - a gentleman speaking in Spanish; something about the "HEB". I hope he realized the dialing error and called the right person with his grocery list!]

Anyway, I cooled down and found the battery charger in the garage [another side note; our garage door opener doesn't like to work when it's cold out. After punching in the code on the key pad a few thousand times, I had to wade through the Christmas boxes and miscellaneous junk while holding the baby and trying not to drop him or fall on something.] and hooked the van up to it.

It's the little things like this that test my temper.

I charged up the battery and Hubby called the nearest WalMart to see if they would install a new one for me.

oh the WalMart.

Thankfully they do (and for free!) so I loaded everyone back up and drove on over.

Sitting in line at the service area I watched as the most uh, rough maybe?, looking WalMart employee I've ever seen was talking to the guy in line in front of me. He was most likely my age, but from the looks of him he had lived a lot more life than I have. His hair was overgrown and scraggly. It poked out in all directions from under the cap he wore and the pony tail he fashioned through the hole in the back of the cap looked like a bird could nest in it. He hadn't shaved in a long time - the hair ungroomed and taking over his face. Beneath all the hair though, his eyes looked light and kind. His mouth, mostly hidden by wiry hair, displayed only a few remaining teeth. They were long and crooked; as if they too would fall out at any minute.

I immediately bristled at the thought of talking to him - my assumptions of what his personality must be, based solely on his appearance, were not favorable.

I love it when I am wrong about these things.

He was the nicest man! Very polite and kind; and even though he talked a bit too much for my taste, he was very sweet and courteous. I stared at the countless home drawn tattoos on his hands and forearms and answered his questions, and the whole time I was blown away by how nice he was.

Anyway, I got the battery changed out. Hallelujah! I ran my errands and took the boys to Sonic for Happy Hour. Port was doing ok, despite not having a nap so I decided to stop into Kohl's and look around.

I received a Kohl's gift card for Christmas. I have been thinking about what I wanted to spend it on; there are some things I desperately need. We shopped around the adult sections of Kohl's for a while and I was exhausted trying to wrangle the kids while looking for stuff for me. Port was not amused with the stroller and wanted to be carried. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had to lean into all the racks and try and grab stuff as we passed by. I thought my arms were going to break! Giving up on finding anything for me, we cruised past the kids section and I spied the clearance racks. Lord, help me!

I ended up spending half my gift card on clothes for the boys. *Sigh* Oh well, at least they will have something to wear.

How does that happen anyway?

D :)


Julia said...

What's going on with Port? Why's he boycotting sleep lately?

You know, when you've got kids, people don't look at you anymore. They just look at the kids. So it's ok to spend half your gift card on the kids. That's what I tell myself anyway. :-)

Shanna (Sweetie) Berry said...

How fun are you! I look forward to knowing you!

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