Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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Oh it was a looooooong weekend. I am absolutely at the end of my rope. Port hasn't been sleeping. He has a Houdini tooth - it pops out and then gets sucked back in, only to pop out and the disappear again a couple of days later. (actually I think the gum it just swelling and receding) It is making us all miserable. I haven't slept for days now. To make it all worse, my allergies are in full force right now, my nose is raw, my throat is raw and I feel like I've been run over. Our stockpile of tissue is about gone; I guess it's time for a run to Costco.

Friday was a mess. My goal was to leave some time during the day, to avoid the 5:00 traffic and hopefully catch Port in a nap. It didn't work. Port was clingy all day and finally crashed out about 1:00. Since I hadn't the opportunity to pack and get everything ready to go (clingy baby syndrome) I had to quietly get together what I could and then wait for Port to wake up. What I didn't realize was that since Port hadn't slept the night before, he took the. longest. nap. ever and didn't wake up till well after 4pm. And of course, since he had the grandest of grand naps, he was not in the mood to be strapped in the small person torture device and hauled for 3 1/2 hours to Houston. I drug my feet for a while trying to give him some good awake time. We finally got loaded up and ready to go at around 6, and after strapping the kids in the car I hopped in the drivers seat.

and turned the key...

and nothing happened.


Thankfully Hubby was there to hook up the battery charger, and thankfully it only took a few minutes to get enough juice to turn the engine over. Little did I know though, it probably would have been wise to wait an hour or so before taking off.

Port SCREAMED the entire way.

Yes screamed. Not cried, not fussed, not grunted or moaned or groaned. He screamed. He screamed until he had no voice and then he screamed while sucking on a bottle. The most bizarre sound ever. Once he had his throat sufficiently moisturized he screamed some more. Kiddo and I did our best to calm him. We sang Old MacDonald for about a hour. I sang You Are My Sunshine for as long as I could before it put me in a coughing fit. We sang Old MacDonald some more. I stopped half way and took him out of the car seat. A front was coming in and it was extremely windy out, which made Port scream even harder. The boy does not like the wind blowing on him. He was hot in the car seat so I turned on the a/c. I froze out the rest of us, but it never phased Port, who just kept on screaming. About 30 minutes from our destination he was at the point of passing out from exhaustion. He would wail, then doze for about 10 seconds, then shake himself awake and wail again. Suck on the bottle, wail, doze, repeat to infinity...

I was soooo done when we got there. I don't know how my sleep deprived brain even functioned. I was frazzled beyond anything. I think after a couple of hours I just tuned him out completely. Poor Kiddo was not so skilled; when we were about an hour out he started wailing about being cold, then told me repeatedly we were "going the wrong way". He held his hands over his ears and whined about Port screaming. I know it was getting to him.

Thank goodness there was a Happy redemption at the end of our trip. lol! {Happy is his grandfather}

Hubby joined us about 30 minutes later. He had to drive our wagon in separately as the purpose of the trip was to sell it to a friend in Houston. Now maybe we can finally register the van and get it some new tires.

God smiled on us on the way home on Sunday and Port slept the entire way home. I am so very thankful. I don't think I could have handled another drive like the one Friday.

Of course, he hasn't slept since...

D :)


Julia said...

Should you ever need to take another road trip and if don't have a portable DVD player or noise-cancelling headphones, stop by my place. I'll lend them to you. They help Chloe block out Noah's screams. I don't know who these magic children are who enjoy extended car rides, but I don't have them. Sounds like you don't have one in Port either.

Jen Barnes said...

I have been there. done that. Only it was Lowell. And it was 4 hours from Plano to Pflugerville. SO sorry about the trip; I am taking the 3 boys to Plano on Feb. 15th and praying that K doesn't do that the entire time, too.

Vick said...

Oh man ... there's not enough Calgon or bourbon to take that kind of day away.

I have yet to venture further than the Austin Zoo with Miss O because I'm afraid she'll scream the whole way, too.

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