Friday, January 23, 2009

Cindy Song

Hey there girls! I am packing to go to Houston again this weekend, but come on in, there is still some coffee in the pot!

Hubby and I were watching TV in bed last night, a ritual involving getting the baby to sleep and trying to have some time sort of together, when a commercial for a local dry cleaning company came on. It was an unusual commercial for this company - I can't recall ever seeing one for them before, but it was notable in that it was quite the production, with custom original song, singer performance and back up dancers. It was like a scene from a musical.

And it occurred to me (and Hubby too as I later found out) that it was very odd that they would go through such great lengths (and expense) to produce such a commercial and not do anything to make the "star" (the girl singing the diddy) look half way decent. Could they not afford a make up artist? I mean even if they wanted her to look "natural", even if they blew the budget on the production, or the choreographer or the back up dancers, wasn't there someone on the set that could slap some mascara on that poor girl?

She was cute enough I guess, but what really stuck out to me (and Hubby) was this gigantic mole on her upper lip.

She was no Cindy Crawford.
I was thinking about all this this morning, and it reminded me of my days of "modeling school".

Oh yes, I went to "modeling school" - haven't I told you?

Well, I use the term loosely, but I guess as far as modeling classes go, it was a pretty decent program.

I was desperate to get into it; it was quite pricey and my parents had to discuss the funding for quite some time. They really kept me on my toes for a few days while they decided. I even offered to sell my bed (a super way cool free flow water!) and sleep on the floor just so I could attend this "school" and start my modeling career.

ha ha! *cough* hee! hee!

*ahem* ANYWAY, I did get to take the classes, and they taught us all sorts of fascinating stuff - how to walk on a runway, hair, make up, poise, etc. It was actually pretty educational and also instrumental in getting me a few jobs later on.

But one of the "lessons" came back to me this morning and made me chuckle. We were being taught make up techniques, and one entire lesson was spent learning how to...

wait for it...

draw a Cindy Crawford mole.


Seriously. They taught us that. It was all the rage.

I still try it every now and then. Just for fun.

No not really. But after seeing that commercial, I just might.

Have a good weekend!
D :)

PS! Some of you asked for the stuffed jalepeno peppers recipe (a few weeks ago, I know. I am organized like that). Anyway, I used the one from Pioneer Woman - simple and easy. Next time I might use some chive cream cheese or something, just to jazz it up a bit, but it really was YUM as is. Enjoy!


Dani said...

I used to try and draw a Cindy Crawford mole on myself...never took a class on it. Ha! That is pretty funny :)

Rachel Anne said...

I wonder if the singer was the business owner's daughter or relative? Maybe the make up people were afraid to broach the subject.

Now I want to see the commercial!

secondofwett said...

houston! please tell me if it's nice and warm// my house right now it's 15 degrees below zero....but in a few weeks...actually over Valentines weekend, hubby and I are suppose to go to Houston......I'm hoping for some warmth!

Kara said...

Just now reading Company Girls posts...and yours made me laugh. :) I actually have one of those moles on my face...although it's on my cheek, and it's gotten progressively smaller and lighter as I've gotten older. I tell everyone it's my beauty mark...that's what my mom always called it. :)

Jen said...

Oh my gosh I totally went to modeling school as well! Barbizon. Yep. Grandpa paid for it. Hilarious fashion shows...but no mole drawing! Man I got ripped off! If only I knew how to draw a mole, imagine where I would be today =)

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