Monday, January 05, 2009


So my little man is 9 months old now. He had his well check today, and all is, well, well. He weighs 23 pounds 2 ounces. He's 29 inches long and I believe his head circumference is 18 inches. So in a word, he's huge - actually, not really, he measures in the 75th-90th% on all counts. When we were in the waiting area I was walking him around (holding his fingers while he walked) and another mom asked me how old he was. Well, actually she asked him, "you are walking so well, how old are you? You must be a year at least, right?!" When I told her he was 9 months she about dropped her baby!

He is so close to walking it is scary. He took some steps the other day while I sat on the floor just barely holding the fingers of one hand. He wasn't even putting any weight on my hand or using it to balance. Crazy. He cruises around all the furniture and is obsessed with getting to and pounding on Hubby's computer. When I pick up my camera to take a picture of him, he always smiles and tried to come over to me - that's what he's doing in the above image. He saw me and was heading over to where I was sitting.

Port is eating really well now. He's not much of a fan of fruit or veggies; about all I can get him to eat in those departments are bananas, broccoli and most beans. I did discover he likes blueberries, both frozen and in yogurt. I stopped pumping about 2 weeks ago so he is drinking only formula and water now.

He is wearing 18 month sized clothes, and got his first pair of shoes for Christmas. Grammy and Happy bought him a cutie-patootie pair of baby-sized checkered Vans. He absolutely loves books and gets incredibly excited when I read to him or Kiddo. He loves to bounce and "jump" and he gets a big thrill out of running around our house in his walker. When Kiddo runs or jumps around, Port will laugh hysterically. He loves Kiddo's room, and will happily play in there by himself several times a day. He loves Kiddo's bed even more, and enjoys bouncing around on it and loving on all of Kiddo's stuffed animals.

He says ma-ma, da-da and na-na - though more than once he has said ma-ma in response to looking at me or when he wants me. I think he is starting to get the idea that I respond to ma-ma faster than other noises.

He has two teeth on the bottom and another one about to emerge on the top. So, needless to say we haven't been getting much sleep lately. He doesn't seem to respond to Tylenol or Motrin, and I don't think the teething tablets work either. I am out of night time options so when it gets really bad we just hang out on the couch all night. Last night was a couch night; let me just say that making it to a 9:30 appointment with all of us dressed and presentable was an act of God. I am surprised that without my coffee I was able to answer basic questions.

Now I have to take him for some routine blood work and a followup EKG with the cardiologist. Fun times.

D :)


Vick said...

You know Miss O is only around 18 pounds, right?

What a big boy - and so healthy looking. And walking already? Sheesh - poor mommy! Miss O is still much more content to cruise on furniture than to walk on her own.

He's so darn huggable and cute! And that high chair pic makes him look so much like Kiddo :)

Barb said...

He is huge!! Compared to W who was in the 3-5% all the way around at his 9 month check up. I am hoping that he will be a bit bigger when we go for his appt in Feb. Man hard to believe that he will be 1 in less than a month.

I must of missed something - whats up with the cardiologist? I hope everything is ok.

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