Thursday, February 26, 2009

La La La La Lemon

This is something I caught the other day when we had lunch after church. It's Port's second experience with a lemon wedge, but he had the same reaction the first time.

I tried getting some video of him walking, but he is quick to drop and crawl to me when he sees the camera. Today he was pushing his play table around in the living room and dancing. I didn't catch much, but I thought he was cute anyway. That huge stack of stuff in the background is flooring and a rolled up rug.

He was so mad that I wouldn't let him have the camera! What Kiddo said off camera was "Mommy we all speak English." (He has been fascinated by people that speak other languages lately) I will keep trying to get the walking recorded.

D :)


Julia said...

That lemon video cracked me up. I've never seen anyone so giddy over a lemon wedge! So does Port do the butt wiggle dance or the bopping up and down dance? N wiggles his butt back and forth, to that same toy table.

TitanKT said...

GAWD, he's cute!!!! I love how he's just delicately tasting the lemon... any other kid would just jam the whole thing in their mouth and then be sorry about it. His little laugh is so adorable, too. LOVED THAT!

Vick said...

Love the videos - what a cutie!!

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